Anthony & Shawna Myers Newsletter (Spring 2018)

Super Bowl party! GO EAGLES!

Dear Friends and Family,

We were sitting in the living room one evening in early February. Anthony was talking on the phone with his dad, when Brandon and Brooke walked in to surprise him for his 50th birthday! They had taken the weekend off to come down and help him celebrate! And to add to that, the Philadelphia Eagles were in the Super Bowl that weekend so we enjoyed watching them play and win the Super Bowl. GO EAGLES! We missed Jessie not being with us, but it was a special 50th birthday for Anthony!

Shawna’s twin brother, sister-in-law and niece came for a week in March. It was really good to have them here even though I had upper respiratory and sinus infections. She was out of work for almost a week. Anthony’s parents came down in April. We appreciate the times we are able to spend with family.

Shawna and her twin brother, Stephen

This has been a busy few months for Anthony. He has been working through some difficult things at our church and is now in the process of looking for a new pastor. Pray for Anthony as a lot of his “free” time since January has involved church board meetings, meeting with CMA (Alliance) leaders, teaching Wednesday night Bible studies and Sunday school. We know that the Lord will provide a pastor in His time. Pray for the board as they make decisions and see who the Lord has for the church and for our interim pastor.

What do the names “Muddy Buddies and Mud Lovers, have in common? They are two of the groups who attended our 4th Annual Mud Run for AIDS Orphans on May 5th. It is run on our property, which is prime swamp and mud ground, with over 35 obstacles. People actually pay to get dirty, which we are thankful for because the profits go overseas to help with our AIDS Orphans program! This year the Mud Run raised over $19,600 for medicines and orphan ministries overseas.

It’s hard to believe that in less than six weeks we will have close to 500 team members and leaders here at the Lord’s Boot Camp! We are getting ready for the multitudes! We have Big Tops up, chairs out, Obstacle Courses are being completed, food ordered and being packed, vehicles being worked on, lights going up and many other projects to be ready for June 9, when our first registration takes place, which is the Peanuts (ages 6-9) program. Then the Mustard Seeds (ages 4-6) come June 13, and teens arrive on June 16.

We are looking forward to being on summer staff this year and receiving the reports of how the Lord is working with the teams. We have a work group coming after Boot Camp, so Anthony will be keeping them busy. We’ll also keep up with the 28 bases overseas as they are still running during that time. Anthony will be the Debrief leader for the three Debriefs between July 23 and August 10. The summer team reports will be put on the web site (, so you can enjoy reading them and getting the most up-to-date information. Praise the Lord as you read the reports. We appreciate your prayers for safety in travel, wisdom for leaders, work on the projects, interaction with nationals, and everything involved with the summer ministry. The world and these kids will NEVER be the same after this summer’s experience with God!

Prayer following high school football practice (Darin #11)

Darin continues to be involved in sports while maintaining straight A’s. Spring football is underway with six days a week practices for the next three weeks. Then there will be a few weeks off before conditioning and training starts back up during the summer. He will be keeping up with many of the staff lawns (while they are around the world on teams), so he has a busy summer ahead. We are thankful for the witness he and his friends can be on the field, even through group prayer after practices.

Jessie is doing well in Texas with YWAM. She is going to be working with international students and assisting with getting visas, etc. Brandon and Brooke are doing well and enjoying married life! They are both working at one of the Esbenshade greenhouses in Litiz, PA and are kept very busy with the spring and summer seasons of orders. Though Darin continues to keep us very busy, it is definitely different having two less children living at home. Knowing that they are doing what the Lord has for them makes it a little easier!

Overall, Anthony has been feeling pretty well, but his Crohn’s pops up when he gets worn out. Appreciate prayers for good health for both of us this summer, especially as it means longer days of ministry.

Anthony and I celebrated our 26th anniversary on March 28th with an evening out at the theater to see the Lion King. We have been on staff for 27 years (Anthony) and 35 years for me.. It is hard to believe! The time has flown by and the Lord has blessed us immensely during that time.

One of the Tabernacles will be set up in Iowa in May. The other one will be going up in Cibilo, Texas, in September, and Anthony will be going on that trip. He hopes to visit Jessie while there!

We will have a few weeks off the end of August and beginning of September. We will be staying at home as Darin will already be back to school.

Thank you for your sacrificial support and prayers that you give us. We represent each one of you as we serve the Lord here and work with the many young people who will be coming this summer.

We hope and pray that God will give each of your families a safe, exciting, and spirit-filled summer! We will keep each of you in our prayers as we always do. Remember that the Lord is in control even when we feel out of control.

God bless you.


The Anthony Myers family

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