Bob & Betty Lane Newsletter (Spring 2018)

Dear Family and Friends:

Betty and I greet you in the blessed name of Jesus our loving Savior!

Winter has passed and spring has blessed us with beautiful flowers and vegetables from our small garden. Our tomatoes are delicious. We are growing greens and corn, cucumbers and okra. It is a small garden, but it gives us a taste of fresh grown.

Betty is slowly getting her health back and the sore on her foot is healed. So now she can get her last injection in her back, where the doctor will burn her nerve ends to help stop the pain. She walks around with her three-wheel walker. It makes her feel free.

I had a surgical myelogram with a C.T. on April 17. This is where the doctor injected a dye into my spine to find out what is causing the pain in my neck and arms. On April 23 the doctor showed me the results. Two of the fusions were loosened due to the accident. The doctor hopes they will grow together again. I will have some treatments to see if it will help. Pray they will heal. If not, they will have to do surgery. I will also need surgery on my right knee.

Our garage door had to be replaced due to old age. It was 52 years old! Then on March 20, our three-year-old refrigerator stopped cooling like it should. So after three repairmen checked it, the third one found the problem which was a leak in the coils. Samsung gave us a new one. It took them five weeks to get the paperwork done. Next, it will be the A/C and heater. They are 10 years old, so they could stop working any day.

Now for the good news…four of our grandchildren visited us for three days; three from San Diego and one from Portland. One is a doctor and one is a nurse practitioner, so Betty received a lot of medical advice. It was a fun time having them visit.

Brennan and Gage, our two great-grandsons, play baseball. We got to watch them a few times. They are good hitters.

The Big Top Tents are up and ready for the teens this summer. Over 400 have signed up. Betty and I miss being there. It has been a part of so much of our 42 years, almost half of our lives. God has a plan for us. We must wait on Him to show us. We do plan on visiting when the teens arrive.

Brennan, Gage and Gabby (three of our greats!) will go to Teen Missions Boot Camp for a time of fun and training. 

Betty and I pray you all are healthy and enjoying life. We pray for all of you each day.

Being as we are not leading teams now, we thought reliving some in pictures would be good.

Prayer Requests:

Healing for Bob and Betty

Salvation of family

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