Bob & Paula Yost Newsletter (Spring 2018)

Dear Family and Friends,

I think spring has sprung! Life has been quite full and busy. We’re wondering if there is ever a time that things slow down enough so you can catch your breath and catch up. I’m not going to hold my breath on that one.

Unfortunately, I cannot report that the chair I was reupholstering is finished. As so often happens, when you get to something you’re not sure of or don’t really like to do, life gets in the way. Maybe in our next letter . . . That reminds me of how God is still working on me. He, fortunately, does not get distracted with other things like I do. He doesn’t give up or move on to other projects. He doesn’t let go. I have a picture in my mind of God holding on to me and He does not let go, no matter what the circumstances. Psalm 37:23-24 tells us, The steps of a man are established by the Lord; And He delights in his way. When he falls, he shall not be hurled headlong; Because the Lord is the One who holds his hand. Whether you are tripping over things in life or being distracted from the path you should be on, remember that God has hold of you and He will not let go. Eventually you will get back on the path and the chair will be finished!


Mud Run

Coming up is the 4th Annual Mud Run, sponsored by AIDS Orphans & Street Children, a partner organization of Teen Missions. People come from all over to run the 5K course and get muddy! The proceeds from this run go to support our work with orphans in Africa. The coordinators of the African bases and the facilitators at the Orphan Rescue Units are grateful to receive the extra funds so they can do more for these children who have been orphaned by AIDS/HIV. We also collect shoes (cleaned up, of course) to send over for the children, some of whom have never had a pair of shoes.

My job on that day is to greet everyone who comes and make sure they have filled out the necessary paperwork. It’s a lot of fun to see everyone and hear their stories. Some run in memory of a loved one, most are part of a group or family and they just like to run in the mud! I like to collect some tidbits on those who come. Last year, the young man who won the timed race was from Sweden. He was here on vacation and found out about the Mud Run on the internet. His was the shortest time—34 minutes, while the longest time was two hours and 45 minutes. The oldest runner was 65 and the youngest was 4. I saw the four-year-old after the family run and was told by his parents that he ran the entire race and was not carried—and he was still running around after the race! 

Bob will be monitoring one of the 30 obstacles. He’s hoping for the “mystery mud” one where he was two years ago. It’s toward the end of the course and is set up so that you have no choice but to fall into the mud. The surprise is the temperature of the mud. Imagine ice-cold mud. Not only are you covered in mud, but you are cold. And people like to do things like this?!



In our last letter, we told you that we were leading a preteen team to Tanzania. That has changed due a major increase in visa costs. For a period of time, we thought that we would be summer staff, but now we have been placed on the Forest Angels Preteen Team. This team stays here in Florida. They will have special training on minibikes while at the Lord’s Boot Camp. Bob, with his long legs and formerly-broken knees, will be on an ATV, not a mini-bike! After the candlelight Commissioning Service at the end of our training, we will go a few hours west to the Ocala National Forest and camp for a few days. While there, the kids will ride some of the 125 miles of bike trails and share the love of Jesus with those we meet. We hope to do some presentations for the other campers while there. After our time in Ocala, we will return to Boot Camp and expand the mini-bike trails on the training course here. We hope to also expose our team members to some of the local ministries in the area— a feeding program and a group that ministers to the crew members of the cruise ships and freighters that come into Port Canaveral. And of course, we will do evangelism whenever possible— in nearby Cocoa Village, on the beaches, nursing homes and local churches. It should be a busy summer and a challenging one. 

In May we will be going to my brother’s in Montana for the wedding of his younger son, David to Madison. It will be the first time since my father’s memorial service that all three of us will be together. It’s hard to get together as a family when we live so far apart—Florida, D.C. area and Montana, so we will enjoy our time together. This means that, unfortunately, we will not be going to California to visit our other family and supporters there as we originally thought. Next year! 

We want to thank you for your faithful prayers and support as we serve the Lord here at Teen Missions. You make it possible for us to be here; we couldn’t be here serving the Lord without you.


Servants in Christ,

Bob and Paula Yost
955 Butia St.
Merritt Island, FL 32953

[email protected]

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