Linda Evans Newsletter (Spring 2018)

Me and Erin

Dear Family, Friends and Former Team Members,

Let’s see what God has been doing. . .

The Canadian Life

Many of you have been experiencing a fifth winter by now!  I have been enjoying the beauty of snow up here in Canada, but it looks like spring is finally on its way.  I am seeing and hearing some birds and the last snow melted off the day after it fell.  Although we’ll still have some nights below freezing, we haven’t had any negative temps since the first week of April (yes, that’s Fahrenheit!).   I expected they would be good at keeping snow off roads up here.  I was surprised that Cincinnati does a MUCH better job!  Here in Saskatchewan, they use mostly sand and VERY little salt (even the bigger cities).  Outlook is a small town of about 2300 people and there are many small towns with lots of farmland in between.  Some of these roads can be pretty bad for much of the winter – winter/snow tires are a must!  Fortunately, I mostly stay home, and anything in town is only a few blocks away.  We have a camp – Camp Outlook, but to get there in the winter, you have to hike down the hill on foot as the road is only good for a snowmobile!  Todd and I hiked down once to check it out.  We were hoping to run a Boot Camp up here sometime, but the camp needs a lot of work and so it has not been scheduled at this time.  If it ever happens, I hope to get to be here to help!  As soon as the road is good, we’ll start working on the camp cleanup (the snowy road turns into the muddy road for a bit!).

Passover for 1
Easter Dinner

Passover is always a big deal for me to celebrate, but the few people I know here are pretty busy with lots of kids and I just decided to do Passover for one.  I even made homemade whole wheat matzah!  The first round in the oven was a bit too thick and a little chewy, so then I rolled it very thin and got it nice and crispy.  Then for Easter, I roasted a big turkey and had Todd and his family over.  I even managed to make the whole meal dairy free and gluten free for Rosemary and the kids – who are experimenting with that to improve some issues – and it was all yummy!  I made some awesome broth from the bones for later and have been baking my own bread regularly.

Todd. Yes, even Canadians look twice!

Todd is currently the only one working full-time here, handling everything in the Canada office.  That’s why they sent me up to help for a while.  We recently went to Red Deer, Alberta (the next province to the West), to host a booth at a homeschool convention.  We put a lot of effort into finding and arranging some promotion opportunities to combine with our trip, and God blessed us with three other places to share about Teen Missions.  Two of my Former Team Members (FTMs) from 2013 and 2016, provided two of the opportunities and I was able to meet up with another FTM from 2015 while in the area. I forgot to take pictures with Israel and Levi, but got some with Erin!  We made a lot of good contacts and had a lot of fun in the process.  We left on a Thursday and returned that Monday – just in time to drop Todd off at the hospital to be there for the birth of his fourth child!  God is good!!!  Congratulations to Todd and Rosemary, and welcome baby Timothy! 

Presenting to a youth group


Well, my summer destination has changed – again. . .and again!  First I was on the Madagascar MSSM team, then I was switched the Puerto Rico team, then to the Uganda Soccer team, and now I’m on Mongolia!   Maybe this one will stick?  If there are any more changes, you’ll have to learn about it on Facebook right before I leave since this is the last newsletter before I go.  Just before I go off-grid, I’ll post a final notice there.  I’ll only have 2.5 weeks after returning from Canada before the teens arrive!  Pray that I can accomplish everything I need to in that short time, from pre-purchasing things for my team to handling things at home to updating any shots I may need.  I’ve actually been to Mongolia once before, in 2006.  We’ll be running a Boot Camp for Mongolian teens and then going to an orphanage to help with some repairs.  In a new twist for me, I’ll be staying in Mongolia for two extra weeks to help with the Mongolian Debrief.  It will be strange saying goodbye to my team and not being with them for their Debrief!  And then traveling so far alone.

Post Summer

Shortly after the teens go home, I’ll have three weeks of “deputation” – the time where staff can travel to visit supporters and share about the ministry and our role in it.  2018 is shaping up to be the year I’m rarely home!  Good thing I love to travel!!!  I don’t have my exact travel dates just yet and I haven’t really started working on the travel plans yet, but it will definitely include Cincinnati and Nashville.  Yup, Nashville.  My sister has taken a job there and I have supporters and friends in that area too.  Maybe I’ll get to see YOU!


I’m so blessed with all the amazing things God lets me help Him with!  And I’m so blessed to have so many of you out there supporting the ministry I get to do with your encouragement, prayers and finances.  Thank you all sooo much!

Blessed in Service,

Linda Evans

239 Heavenly St.

Merritt Island, FL 32953

[email protected]


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