Mike & Michelle Myers Newsletter (Spring 2018)

We LOVE the zoo!

A big “Hello!” to our friends, family, church and former teammates!

A man’s heart plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps. (Prov. 16:9)

Shot put – Kenya competed in track this year!

In our last newsletter, we shared our plans to lead the Mexico team this summer. We are looking forward to what God has in store for us.  Our project will be to complete a bathroom block building and also do renovations/repairs on other damaged buildings on the property.  We will also be doing some demolition.  The camp that we are going to has suffered from several hurricanes and earthquakes in the last several years. We are excited to be able to go and serve at this Christian camp and hopefully be a blessing to them! But more important than the physical work, is the fact that: The harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few; Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that He will send forth laborers into His harvest.  (Matthew 9:37, 38)  Every day we are reminded of just how much people need to hear about Jesus.  Nothing else will fix the problems we face, and things will just get worse the more we forsake Him.  Because of this, heavy on our hearts and minds is to be spiritually ready in our personal walks with the Lord so that we
can be ready for what awaits us.  We recognize that being unprepared will hurt us and hinder our ability to accomplish the tasks set before us. We want to finish the summer and be able to say that we finished everything well and to the best of our ability, that we were content in all things and situations and that we chose to put on the garment of praise every day, that we were examples to the unbelievers and believers alike and that we were bold in proclaiming the saving Gospel message of Jesus Christ.  Join in prayer with us now as we bathe our ministry and team in prayer.  Pray that the people of Mexico and our teammates (some might not know Him!) will have receptive hearts to the message of Jesus Christ. We want to be able to help them find out Who Jesus Is!

The NEW Slough
The NEW Red Sea Crossing

These past few months I have been working on repairing the Obstacle Course.  We have built a brand new Slough and Red Sea crossing.  They have been a lot of fun to work on because there was quite a lot of welding involved and I love doing that.  There was also quite bit of digging and setting culverts in the ground for the legs of the obstacles, and pouring them full of concrete.  I also like that kind of work. We also have now put up four Big Top tents for the summer program.  We still have one really big one and then six smaller ones that we still need to put up before the summer.  We also have been setting up inside the big tops, getting the stages out and everything that goes in them, like chairs and all of that stuff.  We are so thankful for the volunteers that came out to help!  We were able to get many things set up and secured pretty quickly this year. May 5th is the Mud Run, so we have also been working on getting that ready too.  It is a very busy time of year!  I have not started working on the buses yet, but it will all get done, I’m sure.  I am heading up to Iowa to set up one of our Tabernacles in May right after the Mud Run.  So please keep us in prayer as there are still many things that need to get done before the summer and days are flying by!!  

Lily was a pink crayon in her school play, “The Day the Crayons Quit”.
Isabelle made homemade strawberry jam!

Isabelle won her class speech competition this month. She put a lot of effort into it and did a great job.  It was on road safety and how you should not text and drive, how motorcyclists should wear helmets, and pedestrians should always use crosswalks when they are available.  All of the kids are excited for the summer and of course for school to be drawing to an end soon! 

Michelle and I both want to thank every one of you for taking a personal interest in our ministry with Teen Missions.  We trust that God will bring many people, both young and old, to Boot Camp this summer and that many lives will be changed and saved here in America and overseas as well.  Thank you for your faithful prayers and financial support that allows us to continue on with the ministry of Teen Missions.  We are grateful for the work the Lord has put before us.

Future Pilot?

Prayer Requests

~ Please pray for our team to Mexico, for effective ministry, for wisdom as we work on our project and share the Gospel, and for unity amongst our team.   

~ Praise that Mike’s mom will be coming to take care of our children during Boot Camp.  We are SO GRATEFUL!  

~We also continue to seek God’s wisdom as we raise Kenya, Isabelle, Lily, and Gabriel.

~We praise the Lord for our faithful prayer and financial supporters!

~We also praise the Lord for the privilege to serve the Him in missions full-time.

~We ask that you pray for continued wisdom for us and that we would follow His guidance daily. 

Serving Together,

Mike, Michelle, Kenya, Isabelle, Lily & Gabriel

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