Paul & Beth Kostner Newsletter (Spring 2018)

Dear Friends, Family, and Former Team Members,

At Teen Missions, it is very obvious that it is May and Boot Camps are just around the corner. All of the Big Top Tents are up, the temperatures are rising, the afternoons rains have arrived, the mosquitoes are coming alive and I am drowning in paperwork!

The past few months have literally flown by. We are getting busier in our office with phone calls, emails and tons of paperwork. Paul is finalizing the travel plans, and corresponding with the missionaries and the leaders. I am busy getting all the paperwork entered, working on the fingerprinting and background checks and assembling the visa paperwork for the teams needing visas. Needless to say, the days pass quickly. The excitement is increasing as Boot Camp is coming! This is what we work for all year!

Family Updates:

Lindsay is still in Murfreesboro working as a social worker. The job is proving to be stressful, yet rewarding and many times she feels overwhelmed. Her contract is up in September. Please pray that she will seek the Lord’s wisdom in her future plans.

Praise the Lord in His provision of a car for Colton. Our mechanic steered us towards a 2005 Nissan Altima for a very good price. Colton is so appreciative when he starts the car and it actually starts! He continues to work “almost full-time” and is finishing up his third year of college. He is looking into attending the University of Central Florida (that school whose football team beat Auburn and was the only undefeated team in the country:)) and would like to go to their film school. Please pray for wisdom in his future plans.

Danae is finishing up her sophomore year at Wheaton College. After much prayer and counsel, she has decided to lead a Teen Missions team to Madagascar this summer. This will be her third time to Madagascar—the people hold a special place in her heart. She is hoping to get some odd jobs between school and when she has to be at Boot Camp which will help her with spending money and also help with college expenses. Please pray for wisdom in leadership for her along with health and safety.

And BJ will be graduating from Merritt Island High School on Friday, May 18.

Despite serious “senioritis”, BJ is attempting to finish his senior year strong. His soccer team made it all the way to the State Semifinals before being defeated. The highlight was the Regional Finals when they beat Jesuit, who was number six in the nation (BJ’s team was number 148). Even though the semi-final loss was hard, they were only one game short of going as far as they could have gone.

He spends a lot of time surfing and fishing and still manages to keep his grades up. After going back and forth, Bryan came up with a decent financial aid package. So, he will be attending Bryan College where he will study engineering and play soccer.
He is staying home this summer to work and help pay for college and to get back in shape for soccer. Please pray for a good job(s) during the summer and that he will be wise with his money. Also, please pray that his car will behave and for his health and safety this summer since he will be home alone this summer.

We are very excited about leading the Fiji team this summer. (I know, someone has to do it!) We have 24 team members and two other leaders. Please pray for strength and wisdom as we lead this team. The hours can be long and we are getting older! Please pray for our health and safety.

My knee recovery is progressing. The doctor was very pleased at my last appointment. He says that I will not be able to get much more flexion, but I am determined to prove him wrong! I am finished with PT, but continue to do exercises for my knee at home. I rarely have pain, but still struggle with some swelling and stiffness off and on. I was able to tolerate being on my feet all morning on Big Top Day and was actually able to walk the next day. Before, it was very hard to walk the day after!  Please continue to pray for complete recovery and that there will be no problems with my knee this summer.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support that allow us to serve Him here at Teen Missions. We still LOVE what we do and are thankful for those who make it possible.

In Christ,

Paul, Beth, Colton, Danae & BJ

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