Canaan Bobb Newsletter (Spring 2018)

Friends and Family,

Thank you for all of your support and prayers. Things have been great recently. I am currently teaching Analysis of Romans at the Bible, Missionary & Work Training Center.  I am really enjoying teaching this because Romans is one of my favorite books in the Bible.   We have been working hard getting the Mud Run course ready. This will be the fourth annual AIDS Orphans and Street Children Mud Run. We are expecting to have more people than last year. We have done much more promoting this year. We have been busy making sure the course is safe and all the trails are cleared. There was more work to do on the course this year because of Hurricane Irma. We also had less people in my department, but thankfully we were blessed with a few groups of volunteers including groups from South Dakota State University and a Christian school from Illinois. The Christian school came for their annual mission trip. Hopefully this will be the most successful Mud Run yet.

Upcoming News

After the Mud Run, I am on a crew that will be putting up a replica of the Old Testament Tabernacle at Jericho Hills Camp and Retreat Center in Iowa. During the summer I am going to be the head male leader on the Ecuador Preteen team. We will be working on the new property in Ecuador, trying to get it ready to open a Bible School. Currently, there are about 20 team members registered for the team. Two of them were on my Malawi Preteen team last year. I am very excited to lead them again. I am also still planning on moving to Malawi for a year starting in January. There is a lot to do there and I am very eager to return there and help in any way I can.


Madison is graduating in a couple of weeks. She is planning to attend Asbury University where she will also be playing JV basketball. Taylor and Wes are planning to come all the way from Kentucky to be here for Madison’s graduation. She will not be going on a mission trip this summer and instead she will be going to Ohio. Mom, Dad and Zoe are going on the Holy Land team. They will be working at a school in Bethlehem.


Prayer Requests

1. The upcoming Mud Run

2. Everyone’s funds for 

this summer

3. Madison as she prepares to attend college this fall

4. Teen Missions International’s work around the world


Thanks again for all your prayers and support!

Canaan Bobb

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