Richard & Gina Barber Newsletter (Spring 2018)

Ecuador Update

In late March a work group from Lancaster Community Church (LCC) once again joined us in Ecuador.  Ten men with a common goal can accomplish a tremendous amount of work! 

At the time of our trip, the Ecuador Boot Camp was in full swing. We were so happy to see 15 teens and eight leaders involved this year. With moving from Playas to La Concordia, we were concerned about teen involvement. The young people enjoyed meeting the Americans and were highly impressed with the work ethic of the men and the Americans were impressed with the work ethic of the Ecuadorian teens. Together they were able to dig the footers for a pavilion on the new property.  In addition to digging footers, the LCC men tied steel for all of the columns and removed the rotted timber from the bridge at the entrance to the property. They then purchased the timber to make the repairs to the bridge.

We are thankful for all that they accomplished and for the fellowship we enjoyed together. 

For Richard and I, it was a privilege to participate in the Commissioning Service and see our son, Joe, share God’s Word to encourage and challenge the teens as they completed their  Boot Camp training. 

We are so happy to be able to share that 83 first-time decisions were made through the efforts of these two Ecuadorian teams!

Richard’s work at TMI

• Obstacle Course: The Slough of Despond has been removed and

  replaced. Some of you may have seen the YouTube video of the steel

  frame being put into place. They have also replaced the Red Sea. 

•Special Projects: 

  1. Another container has been filled and shipped.

  2. A wagon train and “cow” train have been made for the

      Mustard Seed program.

  3. Lots of fallen trees have been removed, clearing tent and eating

      sites for use this summer. (Trees are still down in many areas following

     the hurricane last fall.) 

  4. All of the Big Tops are up and paths are being cleared for the Mud

      Run on May 5.

We are thankful for the volunteers that come and spend time here at Teen Missions, we could not handle the workload without you. 

Gina’s Work

• I am working as receptionist. 

• Summer team food is being ordered. With the help of some great teen volunteers, most of the dry products have been bagged and are ready to be distributed.

• I have a few small projects I now help with. I post updates of our overseas bases on the Teen Missions website. (I was so proud of myself when I learned how to do this.) 

• The Partners in Prayer (PIP) pamphlet is another new project.  It goes out each month with receipts and is available on the Teen Missions website. Throughout the year, all the staff worldwide are prayed for. 

• Cathy Grossman and I will be running the kitchen at Boot Camp this year. We have been busy making menus, getting prices etc. 

Summer Plans

This year we will not be leading a team. During Boot Camp I will be in the kitchen and teaching  cooking class, Richard will be keeping everyone busy with Boot Camp chores and any maintenance issues that may arise. Following Boot Camp, we will be going to Ecuador to help Leonidas and Mirian host the summer teams. A Preteen team and a Teen team will be going down from Florida and Ecuador will be having a second Boot Camp operating at the same time. 


We will be in Ohio during October in time for the Fairfield County Fair.  If your church or small group is interested in hearing about our ministry, please contact us and we’ll put you on our calendar. We’ll be contacting a few friends about opening their homes to those who just want to stop and say hello. Our email is [email protected] 

We once again want  to thank all of our friends and supporters for your faithful prayers and support.

In Christ,

Richard and Gina Barber

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