Todd & Rosemary MacPherson Newsletter (Spring 2018)

Dear Friends and Family,

Todd’s ETA was 1.5 hours. My (Rosemary’s) ETA was 45 Minutes. Baby’ ETA was soon with contractions 7 minutes apart. When the hospital is 45 minutes away and you know your labor can be very short, you have to choose carefully when to leave for the hospital. And even more so when your husband is still at “work”. But let me back up a bit and start a little closer to the beginning. 

Todd and I work with Teen Missions in Canada. Todd’s job includes keeping the finances for Canadians that work with Teen Missions and those that go on summer teams, AND promoting Teen Missions all over Canada. This year the promotion opportunities have been minimal.

Todd was able to go to the Saskatchewan Home Based Educators (SHBE) Conference in February. It was hosted in Regina (3 hours south of Outlook). From the conference he had a few people interested in missions and at least one person signed up for more information later. 

But despite Todd’s work at contacting former team members and other homeschool conferences, there were only a few people interested in having Todd come and speak about missions and no other conferences were available before this year’s summer teams. 

Enter Linda Evans and a call from Alberta Home School Conference. Linda arrived the middle of March to help in promotions. A week or two after her arrival the Alberta Home School Conference called to let Todd know that there was an opening for Teen Missions to come. Through Linda’s connections with former team members and some quick work signing up for the homeschool conference, Todd and Linda were looking at a full weekend of talking with homeschoolers, and speaking at FTM’s houses and churches. This was such an answer to prayer.

But it is important here to note some dates. The Alberta Homeschool Conference ran from April 13-14. With travel and the other promotion opportunities, Todd and Linda would be gone from April 12th to the 16th. On top of this fun, fruitful weekend there was one other important event on our calendar: baby’s due date on April 12th. Now, every single one of my babies born to me have been after my due date. As a good friend of mine said about her baby, “He needs more time to cook.” 

So, as the 12th started to arrive we prayed and prepared.  We picked Todd’s mom up from the airport on the 11th so I would not be alone with three sweet, busy children. My friend, Marilyn, said she could drive me to the hospital if I needed it. And then with a peace that everything would be alright regardless of whether baby arrived before or after Todd got back, I said goodbye to Todd on the 12th of April. 

Then Monday, April16th arrived. I hadn’t slept well and that morning I knew something was different. Todd was still in Alberta about 6 hours away, so I called him to let him know that I felt things were different today, just to give him a heads up. I wasn’t feeling up to all that much and did a lot of sitting down. At 11:38am  I sent him a text letting him know that contractions had started and they were consistent. A few hours later, he called and talked about him meeting me at the hospital, but the connection was poor and we decided to wait a little bit longer before making that decision. A little later, I sent him a text to meet me at Rosetown hospital (the hospital in Outlook does not deliver babies). 

So, Todd’s ETA was 1.5 hours, my ETA was 45 minutes, and baby’s ETA was contractions 7 minutes apart. I arrived at the hospital and started answering all the questions that the nurse has to ask so she can fill out her paperwork. When those were mostly done, Todd arrived. For every baby so far, Todd has been my partner that has made it all bearable just by his being there. You can ask him, he doesn’t do much. But what he does do is so important. He encourages me and listens to the irrational things I say. I’m so glad he was here for this baby’s birth. That was another answer to prayer.

Baby Timothy Isaiah MacPherson was born at 5:49pm on April 16th, just under 2 hours after Todd arrived. He is a healthy, contented baby. He weighed 7 lbs. 15 oz. at birth and he is a cute little guy with soft, dark, brown hair. Thank you so much for those that have been praying for the arrival of this new little one. We are so grateful for him and for the perfect timing of his birth, which stretched our faith and showed God faithfulness and love for our little family. 

We are so thankful for each one of you and your prayers and support!

The MacPherson Family

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