Kathy Vanderpool Newsletter (Spring 2018)

2015 Kathy VanderpoolDear Friends and Family:

Spring has truly come to Florida. The rains of April are completed and the “small” plantings of the winter are coming up.

Some of those “plants include the following:

The four large tents are in place for The Lord’s Boot Camp.

Many campers are in the final stages of fund raising and preparing to attend The Lord’s Boot Camp.

Mustard Seed Camp is in the final prep stages and we eagerly await “Camp Virtue” to begin our cowboy themed camp.

My sister and brother-in-law, Barbara and Jim, are here. Jim is helping Dad with the Tabernacle, plane restoration, and setting up the corral for Mustard Seed. Barb is preparing things for both Mustard Seed and Pre-Teen Camps

We are also in the final preparation for the Aids Orphans and Street Children’s Mud Run that occurs on the first weekend of May

Spring also brings new summer assignments. This summer I will oversee the Pre-Teen Program and then stay and work in the office and around campus after Boot Camp concludes. There are always wires to be written and sent, addressing issues on the field, and assisting where needed.

This spring, my parents are celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary in May. So in March, during spring break, we scheduled a family reunion in Branson, Missouri to honor this milestone. My brother Dan’s family (15), Barb’s family (8) and Mom and Dad and I had a wonderful time. Each of the grandchildren prepared an art project, reading, or something they enjoyed so that we could all learn something more about them. Dan and Dad played guitar and we shared the good things of the Lord. We shared meals together and everyone went to Silver Dollar City, a local theme park. The final highlight was when Dad and Mom prayed over each person in the family and we concluded by praying over them. What a special blessing to be together.

My prayer is that whatever you have planted will “spring” into full growth. May God continue to bless you and honor you for how you have planted in my life and the ministry God has entrusted to me. Thank you for your faithfulness.

By His grace,

Kathy Vanderpool

I Timothy 1:12


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