Philippines Boot Camp Update

Bootcamp : Teen Missions Philippines

Praise God! Boot camp is over. The teams did a very good presentations during our commissioning program. All campers lit their candles during Commissioning Service and were ready to be sent as a short time missionaries this summer. Early the next day, all teams traveled to their fields. 

3)Decisions for Christ:
In last week-41
Cumulative #78

Prayer needs:
*Safety and protection for the campers in the field
*Good health
*Wisdom for Coordinators, staff and leaders

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  1. Its almost more than 15 years since I joined the backpack team in Palawan “go lay a brick , Get Dirty for God”. It lay down a strong foundation in my relationship with Jesus. From then on , till college in Marawi Mindanao and now working in UAE , TMI experience has done a great part in my Christian walk as i serve God in my ministry today, remembering how my backpack Leaders serve the Lord back then and made an impact in my young self. I pray that i can also do the same in the next TMI mission trip in the Philippines.

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