Gayle Will Newsletter (Spring 2018)

Dear Family and Friends:

Thank you all so much for your prayers and for the Lord’s provisions!  It seemed to be a long and cold winter here in Texas.  Just when we thought it was warming up, we would have another cold snap for a few days.  This happened for about six weeks, so when it started truly warming up and staying warm, I was very grateful.

Steph had a little bump that came up on her left arm early this year.  Our doctor kept a close eye on it, and decided we needed to have it biopsied.  Dr. Landrum said she had seen little lumps like this come up on patients who had a history of estrogen positive breast cancer, which is what Steph had almost four years ago now. The doctor who did the biopsy didn’t think it was anything, but he went ahead and sent it off for biopsy because Dr. Landrum and Steph both wanted peace of mind.  The pathology came back that it was positive for melanoma.  Another quick attack on the big “C” by the doctors she works with!  Have I said how amazing they are???  She was taken into surgery mid-March, and although the lump was the size of a pea, her surgeon said it was like the tip of an iceberg.  He did a sentinel biopsy to make sure he got it all and that it hadn’t moved into her lymph nodes.  It was deep and long, for a pea sized lesion.  She has a scar about 5” long on her arm, and another one in the crease of her arm where they did the sentinel biopsy.  Praising God that the surgeon got all the margins and that the sentinel biopsy was negative.  Steph said to one of her doctors whom she has had a lot of opportunity to witness about God’s grace, mercy and Healing Power…that she thinks it’s someone else’s turn for a while.   LOL!

For those of you who have friended me on your Facebook, you probably realized that I haven’t been online for a while.  My computer was hacked, and it got to the point that I couldn’t even use it.  For those of you who stay connected through the internet, you will relate–I felt like I was going through social withdrawal.   Teen Missions had sent me an iPad about a year ago, but I really never caught on how to use it…Could it be my age?  I have had the same MAC PC for several years, and when I would have any issues, Teen Missions IT staff could come over to the house to take a look at it.  Of course, that is no longer possible, since I have moved to Texas. The PC I had was too old to update the software operating systems, so I had to shut it down.

I had a recent visit from Craig; He flew down from Canada to get away from REAL cold, compared to our cold!  He was here for 12 fun-filled days!  Craig spent a day trying to help me learn how to use the iPad, but it just wasn’t the same as having a PC with a monitor in front of me.   With my Macular Degeneration, the screen of an iPad is just very challenging for me to see; then the neuropathy in my hands made it hard to type so it just wasn’t working.  So I went a few weeks with no computer, just the iPad and I felt out of touch with Former Team Members on Facebook, friends,and not being able to communicate with TMI staff via e-mail.  While Craig was here, he made some phone calls to Tom Maher, and with Bob Bland’s permission, Tom was able to get me a replacement computer.  I received it last week, and I am so grateful to be back in business!  Now I am challenged with all the “new and updated bells and whistles” that I am not used to.  I am slowly learning how to use a newer version of a MAC.  Please pray for me, and with me, that I can learn what I need to about the new system to keep up with my responsibilities.  

Rock was in southeast Oklahoma fishing in a tournament and Craig drove up and fished part of the day with him, then they headed back to Denison, and we got to spend the day together.  Lacy and I hadn’t seen Rock in over two years and it had been three since Steph had seen him.But it was even longer since Craig had seen him, so it was a fun and blessed time.  When we moved to Texas, we had moved some of Rock, Deb and Ted’s belongings with us. So Rock was able to get the things that he had left in Florida and take them with him back to Michigan.

Steph had a birthday in April and the boys asked her what she wanted.  She said if they would help her get the garage organized, she could get her car in the garage.  That way, when we have spring storms that can consist of some pretty big hail, her car would be safe.  So Rock, Craig and Lacy cleaned, sorted through the totes full of “treasures” and took a lot of stuff to a local thrift store that gives back to people in need in the community.  Steph was super blessed!


For the prayer and financial support I receive from family and friends

Continued good health

Steph’s positive news about her Melanoma

For Rock and Craig getting to come for a visit

Warmer weather–we have made it through another winter in Texas!

For the wonderful local church we attend and the amazing pastoral staff


I have been newly diagnosed with allergies (never had them before Texas

Godly wisdom about Boot Camps–I want to go so badly!

Please know we pray for the needs we are aware of for our friends and family after dinner each evening.  If you have prayer needs you would like us to know about so we can pray for you, please share them with us. 

We love and appreciate each of you.



Phil 4:13, 19

1031 South Fairbanks Avenue

Denison, TX 75020


  1. I was on the 1983 Beho Belgium team, 1984 La Chappell Haiti team, and 1985 Washington D C Dial A Teen team. My family is in the area this weekend. Is the Merritt Island bootcamp open to visitors?

    1. Randall, I am sorry, but most of the staff and all of the students were out of town this weekend for a conference. However, there will be people in the office all week.

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