Thomas & Julie Clyde Newsletter (Spring 2018)

Dear Friends and Family,

We have been as busy as ever these past few months and things will only be getting busier as the summer approaches. Thomas and I have our hands full as Asher is constantly growing and becoming more mobile. Our summer team to Arizona is just weeks away. We also have the privilege to be going back to Cambodia this coming August. 

Asher has been growing so fast. I never realized just how fast a baby grows and learns until Asher was born. He is four months old now and is starting to roll over. He has found his hands feet and voice and uses them every waking moment. He also has some teeth that are hovering just under the gum line but not pushed out yet. My heart is so full and I am so proud of our little guy. It will be different this summer taking him on the missions trip with us, but we are excited for the adventure that it is sure to be.

Our team now has 10 team members signed up to go to Arizona with us. Following the Boot Camp training, we will be driving from Florida to the Navajo reservation in Arizona. With three days of driving, we will have plenty of time to get to know all of the preteens on our trip. While there, we will be working at a camp near Flagstaff, helping them with some maintenance around the property.

Ever since coming back from Cambodia, Thomas and I have missed the country. We have continued to pray for the work that goes on over there but when I became pregnant with Asher, we didn’t know if we would be able to go back. Cambodia remained in our hearts despite having come back to the U.S.A.  We prayed about going back if it was God’s will and waited for His answer. We got our answer when Mr. Bland, our director, asked if we would be willing to go back over and continue helping at the two Bible Schools there. We said yes and have plans to fly to Cambodia this August in time to help with their Boot Camp training of the local kids for missions. We couldn’t be happier about this and are looking forward to returning. 

This year, as a whole, has been a year of firsts for us. Having a baby changed every aspect of our lives– in good ways but we are still having to learn how our family works with our new roles. Please keep us in your prayers these next couple of months. 

Here are some requests.

For wisdom in parenting.

Our team this summer

For the 10 preteens to put their faith in Christ, be filled with the Spirit and grow in Him.

For safety traveling to Arizona and back. It’s going to be a very long road trip.

For our witness to reach the people in Arizona where we will be working


Moving to Cambodia with Asher. 

Thomas and I to grow in our faith daily and follow Christ.

Thank you all for your prayers and support. We appreciate all our your help and encouragement. May God bless you.


The Clyde Family

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