An Update From The Fiji Team!

All 24 team members of the Fiji team arrived safely at Boot Camp, with the last one arriving at the beginning of Rally. Our tent sight was changed right before Boot Camp—our old tent site had the 2X4 bases of the tents floating. We are all enjoying our DRY tent site, along with fresh water for bathing and laundry!

Orientation was on Sunday where they learned about the policies of Teen Missions. The team had KP on Sunday which meant they served and did dishes for the kitchen. They also ran the Obstacle Course for the first time and got 20 over the Wall. However, they DQ’d (along with everyone else). On Monday morning they ran it again and got 15 over, but DQ’d again. The Wall judge told them that they were the best team he has seen on the Wall so far this year!

Their classes so far include block laying, carpentry, music and drama. They have free time and bath/laundry time the last two periods. You can’t beat that schedule!

With the exception of Orientation Day and a short period on Sunday, we have not had rain. It is hot and humid, but we are dry!

Everyone enjoys rally time. Last night, we were in a triple tie for first place, but lost the tie breaker. Tonight they are going to enjoy hearing Lindsay McCaul who is a former team member and a Christian music singer.

Please continue to pray for the health, safety, bonding and spiritual growth of the team. The evening rallies are being broadcasted on our website. 



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