Hello From The Ecuador Teen Team!

Hello from your Ecuador team!! We have all arrived in Boot Camp safely and are doing well!! We are learning all kinds of fun things today in Orientation,  from washing laundry in a bucket to taking great pictures to a whole new level of tidiness with our belongings! Yes, parents, your sweet kiddos CAN keep their spaces super clean! 🙂 We leaders are SO proud of how teachable your children are – they are so receptive to feedback, they have great attitudes so far, and they are so eager to please. 
Today (Sunday) we got to run the Obstacle Course for the first time!! We learned a LOT about teamwork and how to run the course well. We leaders were blown away by how the team members encouraged each other, helped each other, and really worked together as a team. Although we were disqualified (just means we forgot rules about certain obstacles), we learned from it and made a plan as a team to do better tomorrow. It was amazing to see how the team relationships changed dramatically (and positively!) from before the Obstacle Course to after it! 
The best things you can do for your children now are:
A) PRAY! Pray for them to be encouraged, to hear the voice of God and obey Him, and to love their other team members and leaders well. Pray for safety and health also! Pray for wisdom for us as leaders and the kids as team members!
B) WRITE! Your kiddos need to hear from you!! Letters are SO encouraging for them!! Please write lots of letters! 
We leaders just adore every single one of your children!! Thank you so much for trusting us with them!!
Chloe G. – “1. I realized that my team is my family!
2. Bootcamp is challenging but impacting. 3. God has told me to just trust him through everything.”
Gabriella L. -“Hey everyone!
It’s been only 24 hours at Boot Camp and I’ve already given up any previous ideas of sanitation I may have had. But honestly, it’s awesome! My team is amaaaazzzzziiiiiiiinnnggggg and everyone says the first day is the hardest. But I’m having so much fun! Love you guys so much! Miss you already!”

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