Hello From The Honduras Team!

Hello family and friends of the Honduras team! All 18 team members arrived safe and sound at Boot Camp on Saturday. Many of them were tired from travels but excited to finally be here!
On Sunday, everyone at Boot Camp was privileged to attend the Teen Missions Bible School Graduation service in the morning and then they had Orientation classes after that. They even got to run the Obstacle Course for a trial run! A few of them fell in the Slough, some of them made it over the Wall, but all of them said they did a pretty good job for their first time!
Today, Monday, our team has K.P., meaning we eat early and then help serve the others and/or wash dishes. It may mean they had to get up a bit earlier, but they got out of running the Obstacle Course first thing this morning! Besides K.P., today they are beginning all of their classes that they will be taking throughout Boot Camp. Please pray for each one, that they will stay encouraged, that it won’t rain too much, that they won’t get blisters too bad, and that they will let God work in their lives! Thank you for praying.


  1. Thank you so much for the update. Tell Adrienne I have been praying for all of you. I watch the rallies every night and sometimes share them on FB because I feel they are meant to be shared. Not only are the going to reach people over the world your mission touches the lives of those that know you. I write an email every night immediately after the rally.
    Prayers of Thanksgiving
    Adrienne’s mom

  2. So proud of you Honduras Team! I went to Brazil and Jamaica 1990 and 91. If this girl can do it then you can too! Love you all and especially that Clara. Praying constantly. Clara’s mom,

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