Hello From The Madagascar Eyeglass/Medical Team!

The Madagascar Eyeglass team is so excited to write our first report from Boot Camp. By Saturday evening, all 23 of our team members had arrived and had been registered. The team has been having a great time getting to know each other. We have many former team members who are helping the others learn the ropes. Today we spent the day in Orientation classes, learning about the rules and how to be successful at Boot Camp. The team also ran the Obstacle Course together for the first time. It was exciting to see the entire team make it to the Wall. A highlight for us as leaders was seeing many team members running together and encouraging one another. Another highlight of the day was the fact that we were able to conclude our training classes early today and that allowed the entire team an hour and a half to swim in the lake or just take bucket bath. Everyone felt so much better after the swim or washing their hair.
Tomorrow we will officially start our first day of Boot Camp training. We will be spending the next 10 days in classes where we will learn things like puppets, evangelism, music, phonics, drama and of course how to run an eyeglass clinic. The team is really enjoying getting to know each other. We appreciate your prayers over the next few weeks as we train, seek the Lord and prepare for our summer together in Madagascar.
Team Member Testimonies-
Boot Camp is so hot this summer! The bugs haven’t been that bad so far. I can’t wait to see you guys at candle lighting. I love you guys so much! – Noah
Boot Camp has been fun so far, apart from the heat and the nonstop moving. Getting to know my team and getting back into the Teen Missions flow has been wonderful. Every day my excitement increases for the field and helping people physically and spiritually. – JoAnna
Boot Camp this year has kicked off great! It’s been the usually sticky orientation type of first two days but our team is great. More people means more fun. Looking forward to a great summer. – Denice
I was super scared about coming to Teen Missions. I had never gone out of Oregon before, except for my 5th birthday to Disney World for a few days, let alone Florida for two weeks, and then Madagascar, Africa for four weeks. I was excited, scared and nervous. When Boot Camp finally started, it was waaaaay too hot for any human to survive in. After a few hours and after it started raining, I felt a lot better. I drank three bottles of water and realized Boot Camp wasn’t as bad as everyone said it was. It was really beautiful actually. When it wasn’t too hot, we swam. At Rally we sang some of my favorite songs and danced around. The meals were a lot better than school lunch. I loved the brownies, but not the koolaid. Everyone on the team is really nice and funny and almost always tired. I’m looking forward to Madagascar. I have no idea why I was ever scared. This is gonna be so much fun! – Ella

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