Hello From The Madagascar MSSM Team!

Greetings family and friends of the Madagascar MSSM team!!!

On Saturday we received all of the team members before dinner time and so our team volunteered to do K.P. (kitchen patrol). It was great to see the team start working together so well so early in the summer! Orientation Day on Sunday went well. The team ran the O.C. for the first time and got eight people over the Wall!!! Sadly, we also D.Q.’d on the Wall due to running out of time. But still, that’s an incredible start! The team was able to swim in the lake and swing on the carousel before dinner time, they had a blast!
Today is the first day of actual Boot Camp. We ran the O.C. this morning at 6 A.M. and got six people over the Wall and we did not D.Q!!! The team is currently at Free Time and Bath/Laundry time then they will go to lunch. After lunch is when the fun starts and we begin motorcycle training! The team is doing well and bonding a lot! 
Please continue to pray of the health and safety of the team members and leaders, as well as continued team unity! 

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  1. Thank you for the update from the Madagascar team! This is Lisa Meyer-Hagen, Audrey’s mom. So happy to hear all is well so far. Congrats on getting 6 people over the wall!! Go Team Gascar because you’ve got gas in your cars!! Audrey’s family and friends all miss her but so glad she is with people who are on fire and have hearts to be the hands and feet of Jesus! Love the update. Thank you!! Lisa

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