Hello From The Mongolia Team!

Hello to parents, friends and family at home!

We are all here at Boot Camp and everyone has registered. Yesterday morning we all watched the Bible Missionary Work Training Center students here graduate and the rest of the day was Orientation.

We can already see that this will be a hard-working team. Everyone seems to be getting along and working together. People are helping each other out and seem to be in high spirits. We chose what we will say before we count off yesterday. The leader will say mountain and the team will say goat! Our team has character! There was a bit of a rain that we survived as a team. The tent site was previously fixed up to help any flooding that may occur. The team is beginning to get to know each other and we are looking forward to the worship times during rally and music class during the day.

Regarding classes and such, today is the first normal day of Boot Camp. This morning we had a bit of a scramble getting to the Obstacle Course and we were late but we made it through and the team was good about not complaining! There are a few people that are getting some blisters but our leader, Miss Abby, is taking care of them as the team nurse. Please pray for the team. Pray for us to continue to have high spirits, for spiritual growth, for safety, for strength and endurance with joy at Boot Camp and for unity as a team. Thank you for taking your time to read this!

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