The Ethiopia Team Has Bonded Well!

As the team members started arriving on Saturday, they slowly started to talk to one another . Once most of the team had arrived, we set them to work on designing the team flag. It was easy to tell that the team would be amazing at team work  just by how fast they incorporated everyone into being apart of the activity. A couple of shy girls, Savannah C. and Lauren H., eventually started to join into the conversations and bonding more with the team as the day went on.
The team’s team work proved to be beneficial to things like the Obstacle Course. They encouraged each other and all did extremely well for their first time. This was really surprising because of the amount of new teens on the team who had never been to Teen Missions before. One of the former team members, Joshua B., did an amazing job of leading the team through the Obstacle Course and making sure everyone went the right way and did the right things.
On the first day at dinner, the team went around the eating site telling each other about themselves. The team answered questions that were given by a new team member, Luke H., and the questions were not the kind of questions we were expecting for a team who had just met each other. The questions ranged from what they could see themselves doing as a career and what or who they find to be important in their lives. With how fast a lot of them opened up, you could clearly see the light of Christ in them. We cannot wait to see what the Lord had in store for each and everyone of them and truthfully believe that each of them have a purpose here this summer.

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