The Holy Land Team Is All Present!

The Holy Land team is all present and accounted for!  All team members arrived on Saturday and were greeted by the team leaders. We settled into our campsite, named Ant Zoo, and have begun our training at the Lord’s Boot Camp. 

Yesterday, was a day of Orientation and learning the “Boot Camp Way” of doing things. Today, we begin our normal schedules of classes and training. We have classes in Layout (for building projects), puppets, block laying, and Music today. Yesterday, we spent our bathing time at the lake swimming and swinging on the rope carousel.  It was refreshing and relaxing.   

The team members are all getting to know each other better.  Last night, during dinner, we took time with share with each other.  
Today, we ran the Obstacle Course and everyone made it over the Slough!  YAY!!  Praise the Lord for dry boots!!!  
Please keep our team in your prayers as we train and prepare to accept our mission to the Holy Land this summer!

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