The Republic of South Africa Team Is Really Super Amazing!

After a long day of “hurry up and wait” on Saturday, our team was all accounted for by the evening meal. The team was very excited to meet one another and start getting to know each other.
Dinner last night was a simple fare followed by our first storm of Boot Camp. A few tents had damp spots, but nothing a quick wipe of a towel couldn’t resolve. Our first rally was shared by the Mustard Seeds and Peanut campers as it was their Commissioning night. A challenge was given to those at Boot Camp by our very own head male leader, Steve Petersen.
Upon awaking at 5:30 AM, team members hurried to gather their gear for the day as we headed out to Rapture Report. This was an extra challenge met well as the first day can be a bit hectic finding what is needed. Add to that, team members were to arrive at Rapture Report in their Sunday best. Team members worked together and all arrived on time. 
After a breakfast of biscuits and gravy, team members had instructions in the purpose of a daily time with God followed by their own personal devotional time.
Our next activity was watching the BMW Commissioning and Graduation Ceremony. Hopefully, this will fuel the fire of things yet to be in those attending as to what opportunities lie ahead for them in their service for God.
Following the service, we headed back to our tent sites to get back into Boot Camp clothes for instruction in and running of the Obstacle Course. Our team combined with the Indiana team to complete the course. Spicer enthusiastically led the team with the front flag. Alexandra “took one for the team” and jumped for a “dead rope” to get it swinging for other team members. She got soaked, but came up smiling knowing she helped her team move forward. 
Team morale is positive, though all are anxious to move on to their regular schedule.  Faith, Abigail, Hanna, and Emily brought their ukuleles. They, along with team member, Haley, on mandolin and Nathan, on percussion, should add to a very musical team. 
Joshua has been a steady force in our team, and Samantha is enthusiastically pitching in where needed. Susanna, with her quiet smile, and Lucy with her “I’ll do it” approach add spirit to our team.  Abby is rolling with the verses and Hannah is a great steady force as a Former Team Member.
Thanks all for your prayers and support as the South Africa team dives into Boot Camp full force on Monday. 


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