The Taiwan Team Is Settling In!

The Taiwan team is settling in with Registration and Orientation complete.  Tomorrow will be the first day of classes.
The weather is hot and humid. A thunderstorm last night cooled things off before bed
The team performed well for the very first run at the Obstacle Course (OC).  We ran as a team, took the helpful feedback after the Wall and we are ready to do it again tomorrow.  
They have wonderful attitudes and I don’t hear any complaining.  They are spending time getting to know each other and the team bonding has begun.  They were called upon to do KP on Registration Day Saturday and not one person complained.  They enjoyed serving and the kitchen staff said they did a great job!
This team is excited about getting started with our classes and getting into a routine.  They are getting along well and are encouraging one another.  They cheered each other on through the OC and displayed great team spirit.  

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