The Zimbabwe Team Is Settling In

The Zimbabwe team has registered and have settled into their tents. They completed Orientation Day on Sunday and were able to attend the Teen Missions Bible, Missionary and Work Training Center Graduation Sunday morning. On Monday, they began their first full day of training.

The weather has been hot, humid, mostly sunny, but we have had rain and thunderstorms on Registration Day evening (June 16), and on Orientation Day (June 17).


“God is teaching me many things . One thing He is speaking to me about is the law of love. All He really wants if for us to be filled with His love and light.”  Maranatha Brueckner

“So far, Boot Camp has been pushing me to do things way out of my comfort zone but it’s been amazing to se the capability of everyone of the team when it comes to getting tough stuff done: like running the Obstacle Course. God has already been a work in my heart and I’m sure in the hearts of everyone here at Boot Camp. Getting used to the routines and schedules have been hard, but it’s already getting easier. I can’t wait to see how God is going to work in and use every single one of us this summer.”   Emilie Landriault

“ Boot Camp so far has been very challenging, but so beneficial to me. I have grown closer to God in just the few days I’ve been here, and I can’t wait to see where my heart is at the end of the summer. My perspective has changed on many things, including my attitude in certain situations, my relationship with God, and realizing how truly spoiled I have been growing up. I know God Is going to do great things this summer and I can’t wait for the outcome!”  Alaina Eunpu

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