Zambia Is Doing Well!

Hello parents, family, & friends!  This is our first report from Boot Camp (BC).
We are so very grateful that the Lord has dried up Boot Camp a bit.  Before we arrived, the area had over 10 inches of rain and our tent site is still a bit swampy.  Thankfully, we have boards that run through the wettest part and lead to our tents, but it is quickly drying out. The weather is quite warm and humid which is a big change for many of us but we are all learning to drink a lot of water. The BC store is also selling Gator Aid and Power Aid that the team members can purchase if they want.  Mr. Shannon sprays for mosquitoes daily in the tent sights so they are not as thick as they could be.
We ran the Obstacle Course (OC) for the first time Sunday. Most mornings the teams run early so it is much cooler.  Team Zambia is learning to work together through the hard obstacles.  For family and friends that are familiar with the OC: the staff here at Teen Missions (TMI) has rebuilt the Jacob’s Ladder, the Slough, and Mt. Sinai.  Mt. Sinai has the biggest changes and it’s pretty cool looking.  
The food has been great!  The kitchen staff is working hard to make tasty food with more options and they are getting an A+ each meal.  The kitchen staff always has a smile and a kind word and we always look forward to meal time.
Mr. Jared & Ms. Hannah are our Back-up leaders.  Ms. Hannah just graduated from the BMW (Bible, Missionary, and Work Center) yesterday and has a lot of responsibilities here at BC but she does her best to spend time with the team when she is available.  Since Mr. Jared and I are both volunteer leaders, we are blessed to be able to spend the majority of our day with the team.  
The team started their well-drilling classes today (Monday) along with Drama and Music.  We are excited to start classes because every day of BC is another day closer to Zambia!
We value your prayers for Team Zambia.  Please continue to pray for dry weather, safety, good health, the ability to drink a lot of not so cold water, and spiritual growth.

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