The Long Awaited Puerto Rico Post!

I apologize for this late report. It was not the fault of the leaders. It kept getting “lost” in the emails.

The team members have arrived! There are 20 people on our team, 10 girls and 10 guys. Everyone got here safely on Arrival Day and are now in the process of getting to know each other.  Yesterday they got to run the Obstacle Course for the first time and the team did pretty well encouraging each other along the way. 

Everyone is still adjusting to Florida and being outside in the heat all the time but have been really good sports about it.  We have multiple younger kids on the team and it has been amazing to see the older ones step up and start taking them under their wings, reminding them that they can do this.

Today is the first official day of Boot Camp. Their first class was drama and everyone ended up getting to participate.  Some were reluctant at first to do their part of their skits but by the end of class they were starting to break out of their shell.  I can’t wait to see them continue to come out of their shell and become more comfortable with each other as bootcamp progresses.


  1. Yep… we have an 80 pound 13 year old there also… although it’s his 3rd summer with TMI it is his first teen trip. So thankful for this group of leaders and team members!

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