A Report From The Ethiopia Team!

The Ethiopia team has been coming closer together. They are starting to come out of their shells more and are starting to bond. They are also getting the hang of getting up and ready for the morning in time for the Obstacle Course every morning. The team members have been helping each other out on the OC. One of our team members, April Y., fell into the Slough on the OC for the first two days. You could tell that it was really bringing her down. Although, she did not fall in completely on the third day, one of her fellow team members, Micah K., helped her out on how to go over the water without falling in. April was so overjoyed about getting over, that she had the biggest smile on and immediately after the OC, asked to pray for the team.
When it comes to classes, we had a few feet dragging. The team did not get into the classes as much, until it came time to Drama. As the teacher made everyone participate, the team slowly started to get into it. An outgoing team member, Sigga S., had a fun time in this class. One of our shy  team members, Samuel F., started to speak up and talk more after Drama Class as well. We even get to see a more sassy side of him every now and then. As time goes on, us leaders are starting to see more of each person’s personality. We cannot wait to see who they become on the field.

Micah K. – Hi family. Boot Camp is going great! Even the heat and bug bites add to the experience. Our team and leaders are all amazing and seem to be bonding really well.

Casey E. – So far, my Boot Camp experience has been amazing. Even though I have had my fair share of discouraging moments, it feels as if God has worked in me so much already and is bringing my focus more and more on Him. My eyes have been opened up so much through this primitive lifestyle, and God is preparing me for what’s ahead through all of the discomforts here at camp. Overall, I can tell Boot Camp will be a life-changing experience for me and my team.
Savannah C. – I honestly didn’t think that I would enjoy Boot Camp as much as I have so far. I love how much our team is slowly opening up and soon to be family. I also really enjoy the Obstacle Course even after falling into the Slough. We are able to come together during Brainstorming and there is no judgement. I can’t wait to see how much this team impacts Ethiopia.
Samuel F. – Boot Camp is a very good experience. It is very hot, but it gives you a feel for the children overseas. Boot Camp is very tiring, but in the long run I think its worth it.
Taryn B. – Dear mom and dad and others,
Boot camp is not what I was expecting. Its hot , don’t get me wrong, and I have blisters on my feet constantly, but its fun. I love my team, the Rally, the food, my leaders, the classes, really almost everything. I can’t wait to hear from you guys and when you get down here. Please bring cold Gatorade! Oh and I haven’t fallen in the Slough yet!
Sigga S. – Boot Camp is so much more easy than it was last time I was here. I made it over the Slough of Despond for the first time. The morning devotions are really helpful in making it through the day. Still I am looking forward to Ethiopia and Commissioning.

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