A Word From The Holy Land Team!

Hello from the 2018 Holy Land team! Today is Wednesday, June 20th. On Sunday our team had Orientation classes, which involved mostly sitting in the Big Top and hearing about the policies and the reasons behind them.
The real fun started on Monday with the first day of Boot Camp. The day got off to a great start with no one falling in the Slough, and the fun continued with layout, phonics, block laying, and singing classes. That evening Miss Piggy informed us that our team was part of a four-way tie for the clean award. Each of the four teams sent up one team member, and we sent Judah K. The team members had a rock-paper-scissors tournament, and Judah won! This meant that we won the clean award, and we got to run our team flag up the flag pole at Rapture Report on Tuesday. Tuesday afternoon, we also got to swim in the pool because we had won. Everyone had lots of fun in the pool, and it helped get the team clean as well.
We had prayer closet on Tuesday, and Claire W. really enjoyed it. Right before Rally, we had Run from the
Tuesday evening after rally they did alter call differently, and we really bonded as a team because of it. 
“It’s really hot and humid here, but the classes and the OC are lots of fun. The food is great here, too. I’ve been reading in Romans during devos and it answers a lot of questions that a new believer would have.” -Cameron G.
“Boot Camp has been pretty good for me this year. Our team is getting along really well, and we have a lot of laughs. Having a good time with my team helps me forget the heat and the bugs. Overall, it’s a fun time.” -Dot S.

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