An Update From The Mongolia Team!

Hello from the luxurious Boot Camp Resort! The weather is amazing here, from the cool camping mornings and evenings to the beautiful summer afternoons, complete with the warm sun and comfortable breezes.
The classes are going very well, and the team is learning many techniques to take into the field, having already learned how to begin foundations, tie steel, and mix and pour cement. They are also becoming adept in games to teach the English alphabet and phonics, and are learning dramas and songs to aid in telling others about Christ.
We have also had plenty of time to interact with God ourselves, from personal devotions to a wonderful evenings at the rallies. Last night there was a beautiful message about how we are God’s workmanship, created to be tools in the Master’s hands, followed by a time to write down what everyone desired to give to God, and then to put it on a cross. After, we spent time as a team, praying for and with each other, receiving forgiveness, healing, and peace from Christ.
While there have been blisters and scrapes, they have not been major, and all team members are being well taken care of. Please pray for spiritual growth, physical health, and continuing unity and joy, growing with each other and God as we prepare to go out and tell others of his great gift. This concludes the TMI Mongolia News Network. Thank you for reading, and please tune in next time for more.

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