Another Report From The Puerto Rico Team!

The Puerto Rico team has been doing well! I am amazed with how well this team has bonded in the short time period we have been here. Everyone has great attitudes and is constantly encouraging each other to be their best self. 

The team is still doing really well on the Obstacle Course. We have only disqualified once in the three times we have ran it.  Wednesday morning, especially, you could see just how much everyone cared for each other.  I saw them sticking together and encouraging those who are scared of certain obstacles or are just slower than the others.  We also had one girl on the team who was willing to jump for the rope at the Slough when the rest of the team, who still had to cross, was scared to do so. 
Tuesday evening at Rally we found out that we won the Godliness Award.  This is an award given to a team who went above and beyond what they need to do outside of their daily routine.  This award can only be nominated by staff or leaders.  One of our team members saw that a Preteen leader needed help setting up their eating site and decided to help them out and that leader nominated us for that award. Due to that, we are able to swim in the pool today. Everyone is so excited to get an hour of fun time in the pool.
Boot camp has been amazing. The people I have met are very cool and energetic. The Obstacle Course is very hard and breath-taking but fun. -Nicole C.
Man I love Boot Camp so much! I’m learning a lot! Thank you Jesus for this opportunity to learn to be responsible. -C.J. M.
Boot Camp is so much fun. I love the Obstacle Course. It’s so much fun and the people here are really nice. – Hannah F.

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