Greetings From The Indiana Team!

We are halfway through week one and things are going smoothly. Our team is running the Obstacle Course with the South Africa team and we are already seeing so many improvements. Unfortunately, we received the Piggy Award the other night for the dirtiest team. However, each member of the team cleaned the bathrooms with super positive attitudes!
Our days have consisted of a lot of music, puppet, and drama classes. We are getting presentations ready to bring to the different churches we will be visiting in Indiana. With only 10 days left of Boot Camp, we are taking every moment possible to continue to grow closer as a team and to better prepare ourselves for our trip to Indiana.


Indiana team!

Aidan Roam: I am having such an excellent time here at Teen Missions, including an Obstacle Course, puppets, Bible learning, and so many other things. I may not be dying from sleeping in a tent and human eating mosquitos, but I am so so happy to be with my teammates (family) on this journey. There is still so much that can happen! I can’t win to see where it will bring us.

Melissa Castano; Teen Missions is a great experience. Being on the Indiana team is fun. We bonded really well and had a bunch of great classes like drama, puppets, music, and lunch. I may or may not be getting eaten alive by mosquitos. During rally we are all really pumped up and excited to worship God. I haven’t fallen in the Slough.. yet. I’m grateful for all of my team members and leaders. From our experience, I learned that cleaning the bathrooms isn’t that fun, so I will have to clean my tent area!

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