Greetings From The Mexico Team!

Greetings from Team Mexico!  We are officially done with day three.  That means three days of 5:30 am wake up calls by our leader, Mike, and three days of running the Obstacle Course (O.C.). 
Greeting us every morning with a cheerful smile is Derek and shortly behind him is Anna.  We start our morning at Rapture Practice, making sure that each team is present.  Kenya races to report that our team is all accounted for and then we head to the O.C.  Leading our team through it is Peter.  Ben carries our back flag making sure that no one “falls behind”.  Yesterday we got 11 people over the wall!  Afterwards we head to breakfast to eat a wonderful meal prepared by the lovely kitchen staff.  At 7:20 am, we make our way to personal devotions.  We always enjoy what Daniel has to share about his time quiet time with the Lord.  From 8-10 am, we have classes where we learn more about the Lord and His plans for our lives.  At 10am, we go to Drama class which happens to be taught by our fearless leader, Michelle.  Branson and Macaiah are both learning the part of God in a skit called Colors.  At 11 am, we attend a Block Laying class.  Gabriel A. and Gabriel O. have some of the straightest lines we have ever seen!!   Following class, we eat lunch together.  Here, we love just getting to hang out as team, getting to know one another better.  After lunch, we make our way to another construction class.  So far we have learned how to lay out a building and how to mix concrete. 
Following this class, we welcome the next two periods of Freetime and Bath and Laundry time.  We have taken the team to the lake everyday so far, washing our bodies and our laundry on its banks and swimming in its cool waters.  Yesterday, Michael had a very one-sided water fight with his leader, Alyssa, which everyone, including her, thoroughly enjoyed!  Our last class of the day is Music.  Bethany leads us on the guitar and Briahna, Emily, and Elizabeth have been teaching us some songs in Spanish.  At supper, Mike and Michelle’s kids join us for the evening.  Isabelle, Lily, and Gabriel M. (yes there are three Gabriel’s on our team!!) bring so much joy and laughter to our team!  We are so blessed that they will be with us all summer.  After supper, we enjoy some free time before we head to the evening rally.  Connor is always so eager to head to the Big Top!  Be sure to tune in the rally’s web cast.  You can watch your kiddos live every night!!!  When it is over, Caleb leads us back to the tent site and prays with us before lights out at 9:30 pm.
From the moment we stepped off the bus at Boot Camp, I knew this was going to be a very unique and memorable experience. First, the humidity in Florida is higher than anywhere I have ever been. We wake up at 5:30 every morning and have five minutes to be completely dressed, and have all our gear in our backpack. After everyone runs the Obstacle Course, we take classes all day. We have classes on block laying, how to mix concrete, music, and drama as we will be using all of these skills when we get to our project site in Mexico.  My favorite part of the day is Music Class because our whole team gets to worship the Lord together. I think our team is amazing and we are constantly reminded that God is our strength when we have none. It is hard to here but so much fun! -Briahna T.
So far my experience at Boot Camp has been more enjoyable than I thought it would be. Having a good mental attitude helps immensely with getting through the tough parts of Boot Camp. The Obstacle Course is fun and improving us as a team every day. Having time set aside exclusively for devotions has helped me grow in my spiritual life. -Will L.

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