Hello From The Ecuador Teen Team!

Hello from your Ecuador team!!
We’re LOVING our regular Boot Camp classes! So far the favorite construction class is block laying. On Tuesday we had KP and got to help out serving food and cleaning up from meals. Our team did a great job, and the kitchen staff said we were the best KP they ever had!!
For our second day on the Obstacle Course (OC), Michael was our very conscientious “back flag”. Whoever is the back flag has to be an encourager, help discouraged team members keep up with the team, and really pay attention! Michael did a great job. Sam was our back flag on Monday, and he is so kind and encouraging!! We are so grateful to have Sam on our Ecuador team! 
Dexter loves to pray for his team – he’s the first one to volunteer to pray for another team member during our prayer time before bed. He also might be our cleanest team member! 🙂 
Dominique NEVER gives up on the OC, and we’re so proud of him! He’s really pushing himself and we leaders are loving seeing him grow!
Santiago is our team spirit leader! He led us in a cheer at Rally on Monday night, and our team LOVED it! He loves to make people laugh.
Caden is our social butterfly – he loooooooves to talk with his team
mates and get to know them! He really knows how to get our quieter kids chatting!
Chloe is such a sweetheart. She always notices who needs to be encouraged – even leaders! – and she loves to build people up. She’s the team baby sister, and they all adore her!
Caleb is so fun! He remembers EVERYTHING, and he’s really been stepping up and maturing even in the few days we’ve been here! We are proud of him!
Isaiah has such a great attitude, even when he falls in the Slough on the OC (check Teen Missions’ Facebook page for videos of the Slough!). He is learning to take responsibility for his own things and be independent, and he’s really growing! We are so excited to see him grow and mature this summer – he’s already doing great!
Kristin Joy definitely lives out her name – she’s a joy! Kristin has made it over the Slough DRY several times now!! Kristin Joy is SO sweet and kind, loves to encourage her teammates, and somehow still manages to look adorable even in Boot Camp! 🙂 .
Gabriella is our little songbird. She has taken over the guitar for music class, and I (Leader Leah) am thrilled to have her taking charge of that! We are loving her sweet voice and her even sweeter heart. She’s a hugger, and loves to love on her teammates and leaders. 
Luke LOVES the OC! His high energy and positive spirit are so encouraging to his teammates. He has so much natural leadership potential, and we are so excited to see what God does in his life this summer! He’s already stepping up into leadership roles and helping his team. We love Luke!
Isaac loves to be a lifter at the Wall on the OC. His gifts of height and strength are greatly appreciated! One of the best ways Isaac has grown in the few days we’ve been here is he has really shifted from doing the OC solo to doing it WITH his team. He’s such a great team player, and he helps his team mates strategize to be successful TOGETHER! We love seeing that growth in him!
Trevor loves to work and serve others. Wednesday morning, he invited a teammate to get hand-washing water with him before breakfast – without even being asked by a leader! This isn’t the first time we’ve seen him take initiative to serve his team, and we love it!
Lilia is gentle and kind, and we just appreciate that so much in Boot Camp! She’s organized and so loving toward her team. We love our sweet Lilia!
Johnny is opening up to his team, and starting to chat and get to know his teammates. He ROCKS the Obstacle Course and block laying too! He’s a hard worker and really pays attention to details in the work classes.
Joe is so caring! He is loving the morning Bible hour and the evening rally speakers, and we love seeing him listen to the Lord. He loves his family and he’s been telling us all about them!
That’s your Ecuador team! We could not ask for a better group of kids. We leaders keep saying to each other, “I can’t believe how amazing they are!” And – today (Wednesday) is my (Leah’s) birthday, and last night, our team won the Clean Award, which means we get to swim in the POOL today!! The team was very excited and told me that the pool was my birthday present. 🙂 
Notes from a couple team members:
“Even though Boot Camp is a huge change from home, the friends on your team help you through it. God also helps through the struggles in your entire life.” – Caleb B.
“Boot Camp is one of the best places to go during the summer. It can be difficult, but it teaches you habits that you will use forever. There are fun classes and good food. Even if it’s hard, I’m glad I went.” – Dominique D. 
Thank you for sharing your kids with us! Don’t forget to send them snail mail – it encourages them so much!! 


  1. We love your very detailed reports. I put the most recent one up (a day in the life of an Ecuador Teen) on Facebook. I wish I could show you the comments!! Friends are showing so much interest TMI. I can only hope it might be the catalyst for future involvement. Safe travels. Have a wonderful commissioning. (Caleb’s Mom)

  2. Thanks so much for the update Leah and the tidbits about the kids! It helps us parents get to know the kids our kids are hanging out with for the summer. Looking forward to reading even more! 🙂

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