Hello From The Forest Angels Team!

Forest Angels have arrived! We are getting into the Boot Camp routine and learning many things about God and ourselves. We’ve had the first two days of training on the minibikes that we will be riding here at the Lord’s Boot Camp after the other teams leave. Everything went well and the leaders breathed a sigh of relief! We have one more day of training to go. After Commissioning, we will be riding more and getting more time on the minibikes.

So far our classes have been fun—we had one on pool safety and one on organization (very much needed by some!). We were blessed with earning “Piggy” Thursday, which meant that we had to clean the bathrooms during our free time. Hopefully the organization class mentioned above will help. Running the Obstacle Course is fun for most with the Slough of Despond (a rope swing over water) being the hardest one besides going over the Wall—more about that later.

We were surprised by a heavy rainfall Thursday right at lunch time. Fortunately, we all found our ponchos and headed for shelter. The rain made our afternoon classes a bit more challenging, but we are drying out now. Most of the team will tell you that “Boot Camp is fun!”.

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