Hello From The Madagascar MSSM Team!

Hello family and friends of the Madagascar MSSM team!!!

We are on our third official day of Boot Camp and the team is doing so well! This morning we D.Q.”d on the Wall and received a team S.B. Luckily, our task for the S.B. was to help the Preteens run the Obstacle Course for the first time this morning. Our team was very excited and loved helping the little kids! The Madagascar team members said that they were all blessed by the experience.
Today, during motorcycle training, the team members continued to get familiar with the bikes and are getting more comfortable with using the gear shifter, foot brakes, and of course, the clutch. They ended practice by weaving in and out of cones. They all got it down pretty well and tomorrow we are hoping to go out to the course! All three us leaders have all been to Madagascar and on this trip before this summer, so with our combined experience, we are preparing the kids as much as possible! Continued prayers for safety and team unity are greatly appreciated! 
Team Member Testimonies:
Micah B. – “Each day is getting better and better! I am growing stronger each day with my team and with God!”
Trevor C. – “Boot Camp is going well! The team is great and getting along. Even though I have never ridden a motorcycle before, I now feel completely comfortable on the bikes. I’m looking forward to Madagascar!”
Luca C.  -“Boot Camp is different but good. You find out a lot about yourself and have a closer relationship with God. It’s a good experience to have.”
Jonathan H. – “Boot Camp is a blast! If you can survive the mosquitos, heat and sweat, you’ll be great! The Obstacle Course is tough, but as Philippians 4:13 says, “I can do all things through Christ”. The bikes are so much fun!” 


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