Hello From The Taiwan Team!

Hello parents, family, and friends!  
Here to let you know about our day and how our classes are going. We won the Clean Award and enjoyed a dip in the pool for our free time on Monday. It was refreshing and just what we all needed.
We are taking an ESL class where we are learning to teach English through songs and games. We are also enjoying our Puppets Class that involves both puppets and music to teach about God’s love in a way that everyone enjoys. This team is amazing at drama. Most of them said they didn’t like getting up in front. On the first day, each of us was up in front being crazy and having a lot of fun learning how to use our whole body with high intensity to get peoples attention, and spread a message. This got everyone out of their shell and taught us a lot about working together.  
Your kids are amazing and we are growing closer each day. They are so respectful and genuinely like one another. It has been a privilege getting to know them. They love our team time each evening and as we learn more each day.
Kenai A: Boot Camp is good, but it’s not. Our team got 13 people over the Wall this morning. 
Simon E: As this is my first year at the Lord’s BC. I had no idea what to expect, aside from my dad’s stories. Now I have come to love and adore my team, as I spend lots of time in God’s Word this summer. 
Mileah R: Coming back to BC has been an exciting time! There are lots of classes and great teachers and I’m looking forward to it.
Nicole L: Hello mom and dad. I am safe at BC and am trying to make the most of it. Know that I love you and miss you very much. I sent some letters out, so look for those, and don’t forget to respond. Love you lots.
Hope L: Hey mom and dad. BC is hard but it is good at the same time. My team is awesome and I’m so excited to spend the summer with them. I miss you guys like a lot. I love you. Say hi to everyone and say happy birthday to the grandmas and to Matthew. Love you.

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