News From The Honduras Team!

After four full days of Boot Camp, our team is beginning to learn how to do things together as a team. We are enjoying most of the classes and especially Brainstorming because we won yesterday! That is a big deal because that meant we got to go swimming in the pool today during our free time! Everyone was pretty excited about that.
One of our team members shares about Boot Camp in her own words:
“Wow! We have been through a lot. But we are all starting to fit in and come together as a team. During our time here, we have learned to trust God; even though we might not know why we are here. He definitely has a reason and plan for all of us! Please pray for us all to have strength to keep our eyes on God. P.S. Love you Mom and Dad! And hey, I did write one of these!” Tasha Schlueter

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  1. Go Team Honduras! We’re praying for all of you to grow together and grow deeper in the LORD (Psalms 1!) My prayer is that each team member becomes a Barnabas … “a son/daughter of encouragement” to the other team members then to bring that into the field! Praying for God‘s protection! Give 7 hugs to S. Comfort for us! ❤️. Remember team, when you all are tired and grumpiness starts to set in… think BARNABAS HONEY! You attract more flies to honey than to vinegar! With love and laughter, do all things for the glory of God!

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