News From The Zambia Team!

I am happy to report that everybody is healthy and doing well.  We are on day three of the official Boot Camp schedule and day four of being here.  We are learning a lot about each other, to trust each other, and even to laugh and pray together.  I thought it might be nice for family and friends to share a day in the life of the Lord’s Boot Camp.
We wake up at 5:30 AM while the weather is still reasonably cool but still very dark.  We have five minutes to get out of our tent with our boots on and our tents neat and tidy.  Seth W. is always the first out of his tent since he is a multi-year FTM (former team member).  Getting out that fast takes a bit of practice.  Hopefully, everybody put their name tag on their boots the night before so they don’t have to go searching for it at that time of the morning because nobody on the team is a morning person at that hour.  We have a team count off to make sure everybody is present with their boots on and tied to the top.  Meryl M. is count off number one so she has to always be on her toes to make sure she hears that call for a count off.  We then we recheck tents to make sure nothing is touching the sides and it’s laid out nicely.  If you’ve been waiting for your teen to clean their room… it has finally happened.  :).  Maybe we should take some pictures so ya’ll can see how clean they are.
From there we take off for Rapture Practice to make sure every person on every team is out of their “comfy” bed and accounted for.  We meet near the flag poles in front of Big Top 2.  Mr. Shannon entertains us with a few current events and usually a funny PSA (Public Service Announcement).  Sometimes he’ll tell us the benefits of Gold Bond or personal hygiene (PH) and how it (PH) shouldn’t be public hygiene so if we don’t have deodorant… just go buy some and don’t wait for people to say we stink or maybe even take a bath.  After we count off our teams, which is very useful practice for loud places like an airport, we have a runner that runs to a line in front of Mr. Shannon and tells him we are all present and accounted for.  If the runner is lucky, Mr. Shannon won’t send them to the back of the line because they said the whole country is present and accounted for but rather just the team.  Isabelle D. did a fantastic job this morning being our runner.
The Obstacle Course (OC) is up next so we drop of our bags and name tags at our eating site and jump in line for our scheduled take off.  We always choose a front flag and a back flag carrier.  The team must stay in between the flags and can be disqualified (DQ’d) if they don’t.  Today was a personal best for the team in that they were able to put the books of the Bible in order for the 1st time.  Only four of the fifteen teens knows the books of the Bible and only two can give verbal directions based on the count off numbers chosen by the person in charge.  Often there is a lot of pointing and directing from a team member who cannon speak but knows the order of the books.  Because they did so well with the books of the Bible, they finished a whole minute early and also avoided an extra lap around Mt. Sinai.  The team’s strategizing paid off!  May W. and Kaden D. did very well this morning patiently getting the books in order.
Due to dinner, I will have to relate the rest of our days’s travels in our next report. 
We ALWAYS value your prayers!  We know that the Lord is our provider and our sustainer.  We are thankful for the strength He gives us for each class and each obstacle we face throughout the day.  Even for the sweet breeze that blows in the late afternoon.  Please continue to pray for our health, team work, acceptance of each other, and spiritual growth.
Web Testimonies:
Cabel M: Since I have been at the Boot Camp, I have learned a lot of things about God and have had the best time making friends.  In devotions I have been reading that Jesus takes care of people in need and that we need to trust him.  I enjoy Boot Camp!
Isabelle D: I am learning so much at Boot Camp.  The Lord is teaching me endurance and peace.  Nothing can compare to the joy of the Lord when I anchor myself in Him.
Meryl M:  Boot Camp is training me how to work with others as a team.  I really feel like my relationship with God grows every day I’m here.
Caelin M: The first few days of Boot Camp were hard but now that I’ve become more adjusted, everything feels much easier.  I’m learning a lot about the ways Satan can tempt us but I’m also learning how to overcome that and am constantly reminded that God is with me.

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