News From Zimbabwe

Today is the team’s third day of training at Boot Camp. They have been taking puppet class, drama, music, and phonics this week. They all seem to be doing well and enjoying the classes. All the leaders are impressed with how well the girls sing together; and the girls love singing!

The weather here continues hot, sunny, and humid. There has not been any rain in the last three days. That’s a blessing because all of their laundry is drying well. The girls were also really happy with a nice breeze the other day to cool us all off.

The girls earned the pool from Brainstorming time together and had a wonderful time swimming. Brainstorming is when the girls are asked for suggestions on a particular topic and have to work together to expand on their ideas. The best suggestion of the teams wins the pool.

At Rally last night Ryan Fast gave a powerful message about laying our worries and sins at the cross. Instead of a traditional invitation to come up to the altar, we each got a sticky note to write on and stuck it on the cross. Most, if not all, the team members and leaders came forward. Following the Rally we had a team prayer time to share with each other and pray for one another. 

For the next week, the team will continue their training and classes. They will have a time to learn about the Old Testament Tabernacle and tour the Teen Missions replica. They will also have a class on drip irrigation. The team will have KP two days next week. Phonics class will end and they will switch over to Advanced Evangelism class. 

“Boot camp has definitely been challenging, but our team is great and such an encouragement. And our team has bonded really, really well. I’m so thankful that God has given me this opportunity. I miss home like crazy, but I know this is God’s will. Mom, Dad, and Ashleigh, I miss you so much, but really excited to see you in seven weeks! Love you!” – Hannah D.
“My time here at Boot Camp has been amazing. I’ve made so many new friends that share the same passion for missions and children that I do. I look forward to going to Zimbabwe with my team this summer. My dream is to become a missionary someday, and I believe that going on this trip to Zimbabwe with Teen Missions is setting the foundation for that dream.” – Claire J.
“My time here at Boot Camp has been trying and challenging. But the Lord has been faithful and is helping me through the tough times. I have faith that He will get me to the end of the summer. Isaiah 54:10.” – Grace G.

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