Republic Of South Africa Is Relishing In Serving the Almighty!

Greetings from sunny Florida! God has granted us moderate temperatures as well as a relief from evening storms and mosquitos! Praise!
As I type, the team is participating in their free time which runs back-to-back with our bath/laundry time. Today was mandatory bucket baths, head to toe, with soap!  Time management is being stressed to help team members learn to juggle staying clean, having clean clothes, and still having their free time.
Though this is  her first year her at the Lord’s Boot Camp, Abby seems to have figured out how to use that two-hour window efficiently. She’s been the first one with her bucket filled and scrubbing away! We pray we continue to work hard and not acquire and SB’s (Special Blessings, AKA further training, AKA work projects) so that we continue to have that entire block of time each afternoon. SB’s are served during that free time hour. 
Before I go any further…let’s have some testimonies from four of our team members.
Alexandra P writes: This place is crazy awesome. It’s true that the harder you work the more you enjoy your experience and I’ve never known that statement to be more true than at Boot Camp. It is hot and humid, but all of the discomforts are forgotten because of the amazing food, people; and by remembering the fact that God wants me here. It’s been tough and fun, but I’m so excited to see how God will continue to stretch me and I have no regrets of coming. This is adventure!
Spicer W shares: Three more days till “10 more days” [a countdown enjoyed at the beginning of rallies each of the last 10 nights leading to Commissioning]. I went through Orientation today [this was written on Sunday] as well as BMW (Bible Missionary Work Training) graduation and church. After that, we ran the OC (Obstacle Course). They changed some of the stuff [obstacles] now, the Slough and such. I was front flag today and jumped for the rope and made it. I tried to pull people over the Wall. I was glad to meet the team and leaders. I’m having lots of fun and I can’t wait till classes.
Susanna L continues with: Boot Camp has been a good experience for me. Sleeping in a tent was hard the first day, but now I am used to it. It is hot here and I sweat a lot, but I learn a lot. I like that we come together and sing and worship. I didn’t know what I needed or what to do the first day, but now I understand more.
Joshua Y rounds us out: Being an FTM [Former Team Member], I thought that I had Boot Camp figured out. However, I was proved utterly wrong the first second I stepped on the TMI [Teen Missions International] property. Though many things were the same (worship and the speakers have been excellent so far),  the heat and mosquitos were a constant reminder that this was no “pamper camp”. I pray that I’ll grow closer to God and my team over the course of Boot Camp.
And there you have it! Heat and mosquitos are a continuing theme here at Boot Camp, though the Lord truly has turned down the severity of both. In fact, some of our “southern blood” team members commented that it was cold this morning!
The amazing food referred to is due to the diligent work of our cooks. Changed menus this year are a special treat to FTM’s. One meal all seemed to enjoy was the “taco bake”. Rather than serving tacos individually this year the cooks made it all in baking pans as a casserole. Samantha was thrilled to find Doritos in her dinner!
Classes have started and the team is doing amazingly well. A fun time was had in drama yesterday with much large body skit activities and today all were thrilled to start the drama “Colors”. Nathan and our other two gentlemen mentioned above portray God in that number. Lucy gave us a great rendition of the character Sad. 

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  1. Parents – I have created a facebook group for friends and family of the 2018 Teen Missions team to South Africa. It’s a place to get to know each other, to share updates, and for those of us who are TMI veterans to share/answer questions for those who may be new to summer missions. It’s always fun to meet other parents and I would love to have you join us!

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