The Fiji Team Is Amazing!

A week from tomorrow, we commissioned. It is hard to believe that the team members arrived almost a week ago. The time is flying by!

The team has been busy in their classes. So far, they have had or continue to have classes in block laying, carpentry, trusses, drip irrigation, concrete, music and drama. Next week, they will add steel tying, layout and puppets. 

They are loving the Obstacle Course. Yesterday, they got all 23 (one in sick tent) over the Wall with four minutes to spare. Needless to say, they won the OC! However, they lost on “Piggy Award” the other night and ended up cleaning the bathrooms during their free time. They have since learned that every article of clothing needs a clothespin. 

The rallies have been a high point of everyone’s days. The music and messages have pointed all of us to Christ and there have been many decisions all over Boot Camp.

The team continues to bond well. They are a joy to the leadership and we so appreciate you entrusting them to our care this summer. We are all looking forward to serving Him in Fiji, but don’t want to miss what the Lord has to teach us here at Boot Camp.


Naomi C. – “How time has flown by since last Saturday. It’s crazy how you can become such amazing friends with people you’ve just met days ago. I would have never got over the Wall without my new amazing friends from Boot Camp!

Caleb G. – “So much fun! Amazing devotions, a tiring Obstacle Course and beautiful fellowship within our team!!!! What not to love???”

Samuel Chicas – “These first few days at Boot Camp have been very educational, learning new things, meeting new people and getting closer to the Lord. I really look forward to learning more about God this summer. Boot Camp is great!”


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