A Third Report From Puerto Rico!

Boot Camp is halfway over. Sunday was pizza and milkshake day along with the Boot Camp Olympics.  Everyone was super excited to get a day of fun instead of classes.  For those who do not watch the evening rallies, we have gotten the Piggy Award the past two days.  The Piggy Award is what is given to the dirtiest team and the “prize” is getting to clean the bathrooms.  

On a good note, we also won the Godliness Award last night so after we clean the bathrooms we get to swim in the pool.  CJ saw a leader needing help while doing kitchen duty the other day and did whatever they needed until the kitchen was clean.  The kids last night jokingly started calling each other the godly pigs. They are definitely excited to cool off and swim in the pool.  
The Obstacle Course has been going well for our team.  They have all done great keeping up with each other and giving encouragement. Normally the Wall is the last thing that is done during the Obstacle Course. This morning they switched it up and put it as the first obstacle of the day so that those who are slower could have a chance at going over as well.  We got five people over who hadn’t gotten to do it yet!
Boot Camp has been fun and the people are really great and so are the leaders.  The Obstacle Course gets easier every day. Can’t wait to leave to spread the Word of God. -Chloe N.
Boot Camp is fun. I enjoy the people.  Yes there are hard times but I enjoy it. I love how they take all ages here. I love Boot Camp. -Anica L.
Boot Camp has been great! I love how everyone is so nice and the leaders are great and so encouraging. My favorite leader is Joshua, he is really encouraging and chill and is really funny. The Obstacle Course was really hard at first too but it gets easier.  -Emily G. 
It’s really fun. The obstacle course is great. I like our team. The leaders are great.
-Ethan C.
It’s hard but fun. I like Teen Missions. -Caleb B.
Boot Camp is tough but more fun than tough, great friends, great activities. It feels like you’re actually doing something for the world. -Luke G.


  1. It’s so exciting to see how many of the team members are enjoying boot camp and encouraging the rest of the team. I’m so happy that I can read through these reports and hear about how things are going for the team. Is there a Facebook page for this trip? And where will any pictures be? Thanks! 🙂

  2. Very comforting after reading the news! I know it’s not easy for my kids to step out their comfort zone and be expanded. I wouldn’t do no better! Yet their still enjoy and think positively. I admire them.

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