Another Report From The Ecuador Preteen Team!

The team is doing really well. The weather is usual for Florida – hot and humid! We have had some rain in the afternoons and evenings, but we appreciate that it has cooled off after the rain showers.
A couple of days ago the team won both the Cleanliness Award and the Brainstorming Award. Last night they got Piggy Award, but still won the Brainstorming and the Obstacle Course. The team really enjoyed swimming in the pool.
We have the Boot Camp Olympics coming up and the kids are very excited. They are also looking forward to chocolate milkshakes and alligator pizza!
They all have positive attitudes and get along well.
“I have really enjoyed the OC and I learned a lot in carpentry class” -Daryel P
“Boot Camp is hot and we have to hurry a lot, but everyone is nice” Reid H. 

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