Greetings From The Zambia Team!

Greetings from Team Zambia!  We are all alive and doing well.  The Lord has blessed us with an amazing team.  They get along so well it just makes BC almost fun.  We are praying that the team work continues.  
I am going to continue with my day in the life of Boot Camp.  After the Books of the Bible are the Wilderness Wanderings which lead to the Slough.  As one of the toughest obstacles, it’s a pretty serious challenge that most are working hard to overcome.  We are having pretty good success.  They are learning to work together in the Maze and getting to the Jacob’s Ladder and the Red Sea crossing.  At the end is the Wall.  They are all appropriately labeled with their own name… Anger, Rage, Jealousy, Fear, Selfishness, Doubt, & Complaining.  As obstacles that we all may face in life, the Wall is a great life lesson.  We can never get over the OCW by ourselves and we MUST work as a team.  It’s a lesson easily applied to life.  At the very least, without God’s help, we can’t get over these obstacles by ourselves.  The walls on the OC are 12 feet tall and are really big, but with God’s help and teamwork, we are getting team members over.  Safety is of the utmost importance and we have DQ’d at least two times as we learn to pay attention to the little details and follow the rules.  Our goal is to not DQ on any obstacle because pretty soon it’ll also mean an SB (Special Blessing).
After the OC, we run to breakfast then to Devos.  We are all required to do Devos for 30 min a day and all at the same time.  It’s always amazing to hear how much the team members have learned by the end of the summer.  It is our prayer that they will grow spiritually and fall in love with reading God’s Word.  One of our Bible verses is about how our faith grows when we read the Word of God (Rom 10:17).  
We have classes through most of the day.  Two Bible hours are in the morning in the Big Top.  The speakers have been really interesting and have covered many topics.  From there we do two more hours of classes out and about.  This week the team has mainly worked on the drilling machine and learning how to operate it.  They are also doing advanced EV (Evangelism) classes. 
Lunch is always a highlight because the food is so good.  Even though they serve cooked veggies, there hasn’t been a bad meal yet.  :). For every mother out there, yes, we will have veggies in the field too.  We always take some with us and if we can get fresh veggies there, we will partake even more often.  Please pray we can get fresh fruit, veggies, and eggs in country.
After lunch we have an hour of free time and an hour of bath or laundry.  We bathe every other day and do laundry every other day.  If they can wash their clothes fast enough then they can do both on each day.  However, washing clothes in a bucket it a little more time consuming that throwing them in the washing machine so it’s all a learning process of scrubbing and a lot of rinsing.  Often they work together in pairs to help the process.  The guys work together and the gals work together but not together, together.
Our last two classes of the day have been Drama, which is a BLAST!, and music.  The team finished Drama yesterday but have learned three dramas they can use in the field.  It looked like everybody really liked Drama and Ms. Michelle, the teacher, makes the class so much fun we wish we had another five days of class with her.  In music class we are learning new songs that we can use in our team presentation in Zambia at churches and any other opportunity that pops up.  
At 5:30pm we have dinner and our placement in the eating time line is determined by our team runner.  If we forget to send a runner, we eat late.  However, we have learned that we need to send a runner early and we’re all ready for dinner by then so we are motivated to remember.  After dinner we pray together as a team.  We take prayer requests and another person will volunteer to pray for them.  Each team member is required to pray as we stand in a circle.  They each give at least two “Thank you’s” and a request if they have one.  It’s awesome to hear each person pray because we often learn boldness and ideas of things to pray for.  
The Rally is the highlight of our evening and the music is always fun.  I hope you are all getting a chance to watch the evening rally on-line.  You will be able to see which team wins the Piggy award, the OC, Brainstorming, and the Godliness Award.  As a reward for three but not the OC, the prize is the coveted swimming pool.  Hopefully you will even see our team and you’re own family member.  At the end of Rally is an alter call.  If a team member goes forward, there will be a leader that will pray with them.  From there we hit the bathroom, fill water bottles, and head back to the tent site and start getting ready for bed.  Lights out is 9:30pm which is really nice since we are up and out of our tents by 5:30am.  
So that’s out day in a nut shell.  Next week we will start a few new classes like puppets and phonics.  It’s really nice to be able to mark each day off the schedule because we know that each day brings us closer to Zambia.  Our DC flight has changed a little.  We will be flying to in the evening around 7:30pm and arrive around 9:30pm.  We will get to eat dinner in the airport and that will be fun and memorable.  
Please, please, please, write your team members.  BC is a challenge.  We sweat, we work hard, our feet hurt by the end of the day, we donate a lot of blood to the mosquitoes (but they are spraying and it’s WAY better… but that leaves us with No-see’ums.), it’s hot, & we miss home.  Your letters are a life line to home and a comfy place that helps keep us going.  We are depending on the Lord for strength and endurance but we depend on you for news from home and it means SO much to us.  You can e-mail your team member and the address is toward the back in the General Fact.  They will gladly pay a quarter to get an e-mail from you.  You can also mail your team member a note but that will take longer so if you have access to e-mail, sending at least one a day would brighten a face.  Please pay special attention to the .org or .com at the end of the e-mail address.  
We value the time you spend covering our team with prayers for the summer.  If possible, please consider updating prayer partners or pointing them to the web site to read our reports. We know that we cannot do this without help from the Lord.  He is our Savior and our sustainer.  Please pray for sore feet, for blisters to dry up, for dry weather, for team work, for the Lord to soften our hearts and open our ears to what He would teach us each day, and that each team member would get a restful night’s sleep each and every night.  
Team Testimonies:
Seth W.: It’s the first week of Boot Camp and I, along with the whole team, have learned to run the drilling rig.  I am starting to remember all of the fun and not so fun things that I missed last Boot Camp.  I am also remembering how much I LOVE air conditioning.    Happy Birthday Summer Winget!
Delaini D.: I feel like God is teaching me to strengthen my faith and put Him above everything else.  I had so many distractions back home with YouTube, Comics, and T.V. the I never realized that I needed God.  Here I am in an environment where I am just running on my needs and realized that I need God in my life.  He is taking me through my journey.
Justin M.: In my past, I have always idolized the feelings and emotions that I get when I encounter God.  My relationship with Christ turned from a relationship to a race to the feeling.  God is teaching me how to be a fully devoted follower of Christ through faith and not by feelings.  

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