Heaven On Earth For The Malawi Team!

– Heaven on Earth –
This week we discovered that there is a Heaven on Earth – it is the pool at Boot Camp!! Yea, we got the Piggy again.  And the very next day we proved that Cleanliness and Godliness are indeed next to each other as the team won the Godliness Award which meant we got to swim in the pool.
The last few days came with several thunderstorms, luckily usually when we were under cover anyway. All the tents stayed dry except half of one, and we were able to work around that problem by moving one of the boys into a different tent.
The kids are helping each other with everything, from Gabby memorizing verses with Jedekiah, Olivia doctoring blistered feet, the boys carrying backpacks for their exhausted leaders – these kids see a need and just go about meeting it.
Daniel said, “If I had to run the OC today when I can barely walk, I bet our team would carry me the whole way.” And I bet they would, they are that kind of group!
And this group of teens is not just compassionate, caring and godly, but also hilarious! Every day they have a brainstorming session about a topic that is given to them. Here is what they came up with with for the question of how to kill mosquitos: “You need blood, rubbing alcohol, a stick and a rock. Mix the blood with the rubbing alcohol. Mosquitos will come to drink the blood, get intoxicated from the rubbing alcohol, trip over the stick and hit their head on the rock and die.” 
Our Puppet and Music classes are now over. The last thing we learned in Puppets was how to use the Wordless Book and Bracelets.
On Saturday we toured the life-size replica of the Old Testament Tabernacle, and also learned about the Motorcycle Sunday Schools that Teen Missions runs in various countries.
On Monday we start our Well-Drilling classes, which will be two hours each morning. Our head leader, Mr. Maher, is teaching those. Mrs. Maher has been teaching leader classes for cooking in primitive conditions. You can see them in the picture with the fire pit (Mrs. Maher is the lady with the stew pot).
We also had a demonstration of the drip irrigation system that we will be installing in Malawi. We don’t know yet if that will be near the well (our work site will be in the Dowa area) or near the base in Chipoka.
On Saturday we won the Obstacle Course. This team just works so well together!!
Today is Super Sunday – more about that in the next report.
“If I had to run the Obstacle Course today when I can barely walk, I bet our team would carry me the whole way! And it’s not just our team – the people here at Teen Missions are really great. Yesterday a boy from another team came over and gave me a note with encouraging Bible verses and telling me that I would be ok.” – Daniel S
“Being at Boot Camp has taught me more about the joy of the Lord that I ever thought was possible. I’ve become so happy and thankful for everything and everybody in my life.” – Jessica M

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