Hello From The Indiana Team!

Greetings from Florida!

We are officially into our second week of Boot Camp and the team is getting more and more excited to leave for Indiana. We got the Piggy Award once more, however we also won the Godliness Award last night so today we will be swimming in the pool!
This is the time of Boot Camp when all of the heat and business can really get people down, however, as leaders we have been so impressed with the team’s positive attitudes. Their desire to glorify Jesus in all that they do is so evident and has been growing our team closer and closer together.
Today we participated in the Boot Camp Olympics, this was a great time to just relax and participate in some more fun activities together. We even won the Peanut 500!
We want to thank you for your prayers while we are here at Boot Camp. Every day the Lord has provided the strength everyone needed to get through the day. As we finish out this next week, please pray that the team would finish strong and that we would continue to seek after Jesus.


Indiana Team

Blaise:  Here at the Lord’s Boot Camp every day is a challenge for me. When I push through all of it, that challenge becomes a blessing. I’ve missed my family and friends here on the team. I just can’t wait to get out on the field in Indiana. I think it will be a great experience. Overall everything is not near as hard as I have thought it would be. I say don’t give up, always push yourself to your limits.

Makenzie: I was really struggling before I came to Boot Camp at TMI. My relationship with God was dull, and I was headed down the wrong path. God never stopped being there for me, and He had a different path for me to take. I have decided to trust God, and follow what He has set for me. I feel stronger, and I have complete faith in God.

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