Hello From The Mongolia Team!

Hello to the world outside of Boot Camp! Praise the Lord we are half way through Boot Camp! It feels like it has been cooler than normal here this year, but it is still hot!
The Mongolia team is doing well. Drama class is one of our favorites. The teacher was kind and expressed how talented the team was as a whole at drama. We’ve also been doing an evangelism class to prepare to go to Mongolia. Yesterday evening was special for Boot Camp because everyone had the opportunity to watch a Teen Missions movie and eat popcorn after rally.
Today is a busy day here. This morning everyone went to the Galilean service and this afternoon everyone will be participating in the Olympics for Boot Camp. This evening will be special too. We will be eating pizza and chocolate milkshakes tonight!
God is teaching us! He is our strength. Please pray for continued unity, spiritual growth, health, strength and encouragement for everyone here at Boot Camp. Thank you for taking time to read what is going on here and God bless you as you serve Him where you are.

“When I got to TMI I was worried that I could never love my current team as much as I loved my first team. However, God as always, gives more than you can ever imagine. The Mongolia team is so close. Overall, we’re just having a blast and can’t wait to get to Mongolia.” -Kyrie 
“These past few days have only served to remind me of how much I love Boot Camp. We’ve learned so much and bonded so well as a team. I’m excited for the coming summer!” -Hannah 

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