Hello From The Navajo Team!

Hello From Boot Camp!

Its been hot and sunny here at the Lord’s Boot Camp, but all of the team is getting into the routine. We are over half way done with Boot Camp!
Our daily schedule looks like this: First we get up bright and and early and run the Obstacle Course (OC). Next we have breakfast—the team has a huge appetite and usually they go and get seconds on all of the meals. After breakfast we have our daily devo’s then two hours of Bible classes. After lunch we have some more classes. Dalton, Mayah and Arthur all enjoyed painting class.
We also went to the Bush Sunday School, where the team heard all about Motorcycle Sunday School Mission (MSSM). The ministry runs out of Teen Mission Bases all over the world on a bike circuit, they teach children phonics and have Bible studies with children in their own nations. Elijah, James and Matt all enjoyed learning about the ministry and enjoyed playing some games. In the evenings the team enjoys going to the Boot Camp store and reading emails and letters. 
 Sunday has been very busy. First off, we still ran the OC as we do every day, and in the morning we had church service out by the lake. In the afternoon we had the Olympics. We won the longest boot lace and the Flush the Duck relay , Josh and Matt did a great job. James and Ben were in that game. Dalton was in the longest continual water line. The wheelbarrow race was done by Cheyanne and Haley. Everyone did an amazing job with all of the games!
Tonight is also the Alligator Pizza and 500-gallon Milkshake. as each and everyday passes, the team gets more unified, it really is a great thing to see all of the team working together, and making new friends. 
What I really like about Boot Camp is the food. It is hard, but once you get used to it you have fun.  -Mayah E.
I love Boot Camp. The food is amazing and I have not gone out hungry. The OC is hard, super hard. I am super happy I came. I really recommend coming. -James B.

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  1. Thanks so much Mr & Mrs Clyde and Mr & Mrs McCraken for your kindness of leading these kids. Very comforting after reading the news to know they they are happy and safe! I know it’s not easy for my kids to step out their comfort zone and be expanded. Dad and me are praying for each preteen can endure the 3 days’ driving to Stafflag AZ.

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