Hello From The Zimbabwe Team!

The team is currently enjoying a break in the week with Super Sunday and the Boot Camp Olympics, which consists of events for the team to participate in and enjoy time together and a chance to be competitive. Up until this point the team has been attending Puppet, Drama, Music, and recently Advanced Evangelism classes. The classes are preparing the team to preform evangelism in Zimbabwe. Puppets has been enjoyable as the girls have been learning choreography to accompany puppet songs to preform with kids. The team has taken really well to Drama class and has learned to dramas that present the Gospel. Advanced Evangelism began at the end of the week and is teaching the girls ways to share their faith, which will be beneficial for our project. Overall the team has been doing well and growing together which has been a blessing as Boot Camp can be hard at times.
This morning the team attended a Gallieen service at the back lake on the Teen Missions property, which was a new experience for most of the team and was great way to spend church this Sunday.
The team is looking to finish up training here at the Lord’s Boot Camp and prepare to packet and head to Zimbabwe which is exciting this week.
“Boot Camp is going well. We get pizza and milkshakes today so I’m exited we had KP (Kitchen Patrol) yesterday and have it again tomorrow” – Morgan C.
“Boot Camp itself so far hasn’t been hard, but it’s sort of hard with missing your summer without your friends and family around… But at the end of the day I know that its worth it because I will be making a difference this summer.” – Rachel D.
“Boot Camp is going well, I’m actually enjoying it. It’s a challenge, and I’m starting to fall into a grove. The Food is great, and I love my classes.” – Ally B.

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