News From The Ethiopia Team!

With one week of Boot Camp left, the team is  getting more excited about going overseas. Elise H., a member of the team, cannot wait and continues to count down the days. She expresses how everything goes by faster when she is constantly at work in her classes. Some of the guys on the team, Christian O. and Jason B., help pass the time with their funny jokes and sassy remarks. While some of the team struggle with not losing things, we have suprisingly been winning the Cleanliness Award multiple times. The team really enjoys spending their time in the pool as their reward. Arielle I. is one of the team members that took awhile to open up, but enjoys talking to the team while enjoying the pool.
The team has also been doing good on the Obstacle Course. On Saturday, Chloe P. ran the front flag and did amazing leading the team through the Obstacle Course. Sarah T. was running the back flag and was very encouraging to her team members with her peppy cheers. Everyone on the team is working hard in their classes, really striving to get better at the Obstacle Course, and are looking forward to the day we leave for Ethiopia.
Boot Camps fun so far! I really like my team. The Obstacle Course is still my favorite — I jumped for a rope on the Slough and one day only got my feet a little wet. Miss you guys! – Phoebe
Hey Family, I miss ya’ll all a ton. Boot Camp is hard. I love ya’ll can’t wait to see ya’ll! – Sarah
Boot Camp has been quite a challenging experience so far. Through all of the tough and difficult challenges, I can feel myself growing stronger – both physically and spiritually. I’m eager to get to Ethiopia and can’t wait to see the plans that God has in store for my team and I. – Joshua
For me Boot Camp is the best thing that has happened to me. There are friends, food and lots of fun. Don’t get me wrong there is a lot of discipline and hard work. I highly recommend this. Peace out and love to all! – Christian
Boot Camp has been quite the journey. I’ve had many ups and downs. But overall I’ve learned so many amazing things and can’t wait to go on the field. – Elise
Boot Camp is going really well so far. The mosquitos and heat haven’t been too bad. My favorite class so far has been Drama and my favorite part of the day is the Rally at night. I’m really looking forward to the Boot Camp Olympics tomorrow, and the milkshakes. – Chloe

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